New York Attorney General Dismisses Donald Trump's Mistrial Demand, Citing 'Total Lack of Merit'

New York Attorney General Dismisses Donald Trump's Mistrial Demand, Citing 'Total Lack of Merit'
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Former President Donald Trump's request for a mistrial in his New York civil fraud trial is facing strong opposition from the New York Attorney General's office, which deems it to have a "total lack of merit." Assistant Attorney General Kevin Wallace expressed this sentiment in a letter to Judge Arthur Engoron, emphasizing the baselessness of the allegations made in Trump's mistrial motion.


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The crux of Trump's argument for a mistrial revolves around his claims that Judge Engoron and his law clerk displayed a "tangible and overwhelming" bias against him, justifying the need for a new trial, as per HuffPost reports.. Among the cited grievances is a gag order imposed by Engoron after Trump attacked the law clerk on social media. Trump's repeated violations of this order, including posting the clerk's photo on Truth Social and suggesting potential harm, have further complicated the proceedings.



Notably, Trump has already been found guilty of fraud in the initial phase of the trial. Engoron determined that Trump had engaged in deceptive practices over the years, exaggerating his wealth to secure favorable loans and insurance benefits. The ongoing second phase of the trial focuses on determining the penalty for these actions, with potential consequences including restrictions on Trump's ability to operate a business in New York and a penalty of up to $250 million.


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The legal drama continued to unfold in lower Manhattan on Thursday, as Trump's lawyers successfully secured a temporary lifting of the gag order, allowing them and Trump to comment on court staff. This decision came from a mid-level appeals court, which agreed with the argument that the gag orders infringed on Trump's right to free speech and hindered the defense's ability to represent him.

Cover Image Source: GettyImages/Douglas P. DeFelice
Image Source: GettyImages/Douglas P. DeFelice

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However, the judge's expanded order, which now includes Trump's lawyers, reflects concerns about the safety of court staff amidst a barrage of harassment and threats. The mistrial motion filed by Trump's lawyers on Monday challenged the appropriateness of the law clerk's role, alleging partisan bias based on political donations made during a 2022 run for civil judgeship.



As the legal battle continues, the New York Attorney General's office has requested additional time to respond to the mistrial motion, emphasizing its "total lack of merit," as per Daily News reports. Engoron is currently assessing six claims against Trump, his two sons, and former top executives, with potentially significant consequences if found liable, including the repayment of over $300 million in illegal gains and a prohibition on Trump leading a New York business.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Michael M. Santiago
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Michael M. Santiago


These developments are part of an intricate legal web surrounding Trump, who faces a barrage of charges and lawsuits, including a criminal hush money case. The prosecutors argue against Trump's attempt to dismiss the case, stating that his political influence should not shield him from legal consequences. With 91 felonies across multiple cases, Trump maintains his innocence, framing the legal actions against him as a politically motivated "witch hunt."

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