Durex Ad Shows Potential Dad’s How Much Fatherhood Can Suck

Durex Ad and Guys with Kids

A Durex ad that was originally posted to YouTube on May 17 has gone viral and began to trend on Now MSN.

In the condom ad, Durex reminds would-be fathers that sometimes being a dad can really suck. The video uses dramatic music and overtones to show as children destroy golf clubs and leaving painful burn marks.

In one part of the clip, a father is smashed in the face by his son’s fake sword. In another moment, a dad looks on in horror after realizing that his favorite golf clubs have been completely destroyed by his kids. The golf lover is also hit right between the legs in a classic stepping on the garden hoe gag.

In what might be the most painful moment of the commercial, a dad who is holding a cup of hot coffee watches as his son climbs up his back and sends the searing heat of the beverage right to his testicles. Birth control achieved? Perhaps! But it was a little bit too late.

As a father myself, I can attest to being hit between the legs on several occasions, and, while it’s always accidental — at least I hope it is — it’s still never fun.

While I love being a dad, this Durex ad is obviously aimed at guys who need a wake-up call about their actions.

Here is the full Durex ad:

A condom ad about kids and not STDs is a dramatic departure from typical Durex, Trojan, and other safe sex ads, but, honestly, I know guys who fear kids more than STDs.

So remember guys that you need to put on a glove unless you really love kids and don’t mind numerous inadvertent hits between the legs.

What do you think of the Durex ad? It is an effective way to target guys or a bit too silly?