Prince William To Play Charity Polo Match This Weekend

Prince William will be leaving Prince George and wife Kate this weekend to play a charity polo match with younger brother Prince Harry.

The game will take place in Ascot, Berks, and will mark the new father’s first public appearance since leaving the hospital with wife Kate and the new Prince last week.

The Duke of Cambridge will not have to travel far from his family, who have been staying at the Middleton family home in Bucklebury, Berks.

William is also scheduled to appear at the Anglesey Show in North Wales in two weeks’ time. But by then maybe Kate will be feeling much more rested.

This location is close to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Anglesey home, where William is due to return to his duties when his paternity leave finishes next week.

The Duke, 31, will watch gundog and falconry displays before meeting local farmers during his visit to the two-day event on Wednesday, August 14. The annual agricultural show attracts more than 56,000 people every year.

Prince William will make a short speech and show organizers are planning to present him with a gift before he leaves.

The new dad took off a couple of weeks so he could spend the first few weeks of his son’s live together. The couple and royal son have been staying with Kate’s parents in Bucklebury almost since the child was born.

Kate Middleton is probably enjoying a more quiet time with her newborn away from the press and London. Carole Middleton, Kate’s mother is an influential figure in the couple’s lives and it is expected she will be very involved in the future heir’s upbringing.

Prince William is scheduled to return to his job as a Royal Air Force search and rescue pilot at the end of next week. He took the standard two weeks paternity leave which is paid in the United Kingdom.