Eliot Spitzer Used Alias To Visit Russian Prostitute He Allegedly Choked

Damir Mujezinovic

In 2008, Democrat Eliot Spitzer resigned as New York Governor in disgrace, after being caught sleeping with high-end prostitutes.

The scandal became international news, with Spitzer's political career and reputation taking a deadly blow. David Paterson then took over as governor, and served in the position for littler over two years. Andrew Cuomo succeeded him. Cuomo resigned last year -- he, too, was involved in a sex scandal.

New information regarding Spitzer's dealings with one Russian prostitute has just emerged. Read about it below.

New Documents

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Investigative documents obtained by The New York Post shed more light on Spitzer's dealings with prostitutes after he left office.

In February 2016, Spitzer met Russian prostitute Svetlana Travis-Zakharova "for a drink" in her $1,000-a-night Plaza Hotel suite, according to a worksheet filed by Sgt. Michael Giuffre.

When the two met, Travis-Zakharova told Spitzer that she was flying back to Russia the next day, and that she intended to live there permanently.

Shortly after that, the former governor exploded in anger, the documents say.

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Spitzer called Travis-Zakharova 30 times over the next three hours, "threatening her and attempting to prevent her from returning to Russia," according to Giuffre.

Then, around 7 p.m. that day, he returned to her hotel room and "grabbed her by her wrists and threw her back on the bed," Giuffre wrote in his report.

"While standing over her, the perpetrator placed his [sic] onto her neck/throat and put pressure causing her not to be able to breathe for at least three (3) seconds," he added.

911 Call

Around 8 p.m., a 911 call was placed and Travis-Zakharova was taken to a nearby hospital.

When questioned by detectives -- who saw blood on the wall and door -- Spitzer said Travis-Zakharova was "on her period," and claimed that he "just came to help" her.

"Thanks for coming. She is fine now. We don’t need you anymore. Do I need to call Bill?" Spitzer reportedly asked, referring to New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton.

Later that same day, Spitzer paid a visit to the hospital Travis-Zakharova was staying at.

George Fox

Security footage reviewed by detectives reportedly shows that Spitzer went to the hospital around 11 p.m. He was seen wearing all black and a hat -- and identified himself as George.

Two hours later, he called the hospital using the same fake name. The former governor usually used the name George Fox while visiting prostitutes.

Text messages Spitzer and Travis-Zakharova exchanged at the time show they feuded over what happened.

"It’s going to be much worse than 2008," Travis-Zakharova wrote in one of them, threatening to contact Spitzer's family.

"Have now idea what U mean – I have been taking good care of U and I am going to continue – why disturb this?" he wrote back.

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