Rebel Wilson In Bathing Suit Enjoys Surprise 'Flash Mob'

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Fresh from her Fiji Cali Dreamer campaign, Rebel Wilson’s friends organize a surprise flash mob for the Australian actress. The group dances to Justin Wellington’s Iko Iko on the beach seconds after Rebel declared she was busy to an unknown caller on an oversized phone. Her friend standing nearby says, “Gotcha!” as the Pitch Perfect actress laughs in excitement. Here are some of Rebel’s tips for living a happy life.

Have Friends Who Love You

“I am so lucky to have friends and family like this who surprised me with a flash mob dance… it was the BEST present! It’s also very hard to surprise me, and you guys totally got me with this! Love you,” she wrote in appreciation for the unexpected gift.

Go Where Happiness Can Find You

@rebelwilson | Instagram

In her Fiji promo video, Rebel gives a lengthy speech about happiness. “The pursuit of happiness, is it a worthwhile ambition? Searching for something or someone that’ll make you happy. The question is, is happiness something that you can actually find, and how do you know if you’ve found it and how long would it last? Instead of searching for happiness, isn’t it simply better to open ourselves to what’s that word… would it be better to put ourselves in a place where happiness finds you?”

Reinvent Yourself

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“It’s never too late to improve yourself – to improve your health, your heart, your happiness, your harmony. For everyone out there just trying to be a Lil bit better this week: go for it! Every bit counts. Every effort is worth it. You’re worth it.”

Rebel is an excellent vehicle for this message because she transformed her life with unexpected weight loss and claims her health has improved since. She made that decision amidst backlash from her team, who wanted her to remain plus-sized for her type-cast roles.

Seek Your Inner Siren

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“I feel like turning 40, I’ve weathered a lot of storms in my life (malaria, being kidnapped, being bullied, fertility struggles, emotional eating, overcoming shyness, having no money), but somehow I’ve managed to thrive, to find my inner ‘siren,’” she wrote on her birthday.

“It’s not about looking a certain way or being a certain size. It’s about embracing your unique beauty, loving yourself to the MAX! Love you guys…,” she continued. This message was necessary because many people missed the point of her weight loss, focusing on her physical changes instead of understanding the emotion behind it.

Rebel encourages fans who feel the need to change their lives to look inwards for motivation rather than outwards or public opinion.