Murdaugh Murders Update: Evidence Ties Alex Murdaugh To Crime

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A new revelation in the "Murdaugh Murder" case has sent shockwaves within the investigation that has been ongoing since Labor Day 2021. More than seven months since the initial deaths, reports state that substantial evidence has been found that ties the disgraced lawyer to the murders of his wife and son.

The case has shocked the world not only for the gruesome murder of Paul Murdaugh and Maggie Murdaugh, but for the continuing developments of Alex Murdaugh's criminal case and fall from grace. The Murdaugh family were well known in their community, and the shocking murders instantly caught the attention of law enforcement and true crime fanatics.

New Physical Evidence

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Sources close to the investigation state that forensic evidence has tied the Murdaugh father to the crime, according to FITSNews. Murdaugh is currently facing multiple other charges, including stealing millions of dollars from his powerful family's law firm.

Murdaugh has been the primary suspect since investigations began, with no other persons of interest being identified by law enforcement.

As of now, Murdaugh faces a substantial 51 charges against him, including include money laundering, theft, forgery, fraud and involvement in the now famous Labor Day shooting.

FITSNews also reports that the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, also known as SLED, are making movements towards an arrest of Murdaugh. The agency is currently in charge of a number of the ongoing cases surrounding Murdaugh.

The Murdaugh Family: A Recap

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Many across the world would have been unware of the large Murdaugh family until the Labor Day shooting of 2021. However, the case quickly gained the family worldwide notoriety.

Though now infamous globally, the Murdaugh family have been well-known in their local community for generations.

The wealthy Murdaughs gained prominence due to their law firm that goes back to Alex Murdaugh's great-grandfather. Each subsequent son has worked at the firm as solicitors and have covered multiple counties for close to a century.

Alex Murdaugh's Downfall

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Almost immediately after the tragic shooting, a spokesperson for the Murdaughs stated that Alex Murdaugh was entering rehab for a drug addiction and that he was resigning from the family firm. His license to practice law was revoked during the same week.

The law firm started by his relatives has since be renamed in an effort to distance from Murdaugh, and is currently seeking legal action against him.

Coverage in December of 2021 showed that Murdaugh was facing 21 charges against him.

A Family Tied Up In Death?

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The news of physical evidence comes at the same time as Murdaugh is facing other charges, including hiring a hit man to shoot him in the head in the effort for his living son to receive life insurance payments.

Murdaugh is also facing charges related to stealing funds from a deceased housekeeper in 2018. Gloria Satterfield was the family housekeeper and nanny, and was 57-years-old at the time of her accidental death at the Murdaugh household.

Before his death, Murdaugh's son Paul was facing charges from an event in 2019 that left one woman dead.