Thylane Blondeau Welcomes The New Year In Sexy Leather Red Dress

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One thing the "most beautiful girl in the world" would do is to take our breaths away in enthralling outfits. Although Thylane Blondeau was quiet at the tail-end of the last year, she opened 2022 with a bang! The young French model, who was recently spotted in a nude bikini with fiancé Benjamin Attal at the beach in Miami, treated her 4.8 million Instagram followers to multiple pictures of her beautiful face, stunning body and impeccable style.

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Showing Off Her Body

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In case you forgot, Thylane decided to remind fans and followers why she was named the most beautiful girl in the world at a young age. The 20-year-old model posed in a half-shot wearing a long-sleeved crop top over black panties. In the first slide, she accessorizes with a pair of dark sunshades.

Slide two brings a closer look into the face that captivated the world at age six. You can see Thylane's high cheekbones on one side, defined by contoured makeup, as her hair covers the other half of her face. The bare mid-riff hints at Thylane's toned abs, though you can't tell in the first slide unless you zoom in.

Lady In Red

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In the picture of the moment, our lady in red calls in the New Year in a sultry outfit. The color red screams power, boldness, sexiness, and confidence, and Thylane nailed the theme. She lies on her side, supporting her weight with one hand on the bed as she holds a phone to ears on the other.

The dress has a high slit giving fans a sneak peek at her legs on the plain white sheet bed. The model ties her hair in a neat bun and wears minimal makeup, which is a signature at this point. The understated hairstyle and makeup draw attention to her fancy bra cup and thin strap bodice.

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Diving Into The New Year

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On January 2, Blondeau shared a video of herself swimming with the sunset as the perfect backdrop. The video is a silhouette, so we see her perfect figure as she gracefully strikes some poses, with a beautiful reflection in the water, and removes her sunglasses before diving headfirst into the pool. Blondeau arches her back and raises her arms in a swan-like shape as she sways her hips in a teasing position. The short clip was viewed more than 275,000 times, garnering over 37,000 likes.

Partnering With Alisson Elalouf

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Based on a series of Instagram posts, we surmise Blondeau's stylist and content director for 2022 is Allison Elalouf. Based on her Instagram, it seems the pair already have some magical collaborations, from the poolside video to the figure-flaunting black two-piece and now steamy red leather dress. With these three posts, Blondeau, who has her own clothing brand called No Smile Clothing, is off to a good start in 2022, and we look forward to seeing more from this new power duo.