Alexandra Daddario Opens Up About Her Love For Dogs

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Andrew Form is not the only love in Alexandra Daddario's life. The 52-year-old movie producer, who proposed to the 35-year-old White Lotus star earlier this month, shares her affections with the actress' multiple dogs.

Daddario, who is a major animal lover and a passionate dog adoption advocate, has at least three canine companions, who regularly turn up on her Instagram page. A scroll through her feed reveals the couple also have two cats, not to mention the countless pictures of friends' pets.

While she's a loving fur mama by all accounts, the movie star has also known terrible loss last year when her first dog, Levon, passed away. Daddario has opened up about her "obsession" with dogs on numerous occasions. Check it out below.

Mourning Levon

Alexandra Daddario | Instagram

Daddario's first rescue pup, Levon, was a sweet terrier mix she adopted from a rescue group back in 2013.

"When I was there, a woman who worked there told me I could take him for the weekend," Daddario said in a 2020 interview. "And then the second he was in my house, I fell in love with Levon and he never went back to the shelter."

Aside from popping up in about half her Instagram posts, Levon had an Instagram account of his own boasting over 41,100 followers. "Levon is definitely a huge star," Daddario said back then. "I'd be honored if he passed me in followers, I would be extremely happy for him."

Sadly, Levon crossed the Rainbow Bridge last December due to leptospirosis, with a heartbroken Daddario penning a sweet tribute to her loyal companion on Instagram.

"I really loved and love Levon. He was a very good and very funny boy. He has been there for me over the last 7 years, and is my family," she wrote, sharing photos and videos of them together.

Daddario added: "He loved me and I loved him and we were a little team." See the post below.

Meet Geraldo & Eunice

Alexandra Daddario | Instagram

Another pup prominently featured on Daddario's feed is one-year-old Geraldo -- Gerry, for short. While it seems that Gerry belongs to her best friend, Lost Girls and Love Hotels' Morgan Nalley, Daddario often posts pictures of him and has even incorporated him into her professional photoshoots.

According to her Insta, Gerry was adopted from Real Good Rescue.

"Happy first birthday to Gerry-dog, who barks the same way and at the same times as Levon-dog because he learned it living with him as a puppy. sorry to Morgan’s neighbors," Daddario wrote on Instagram back in March.

Meanwhile, the star turned to Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs to adopt her dog Eunice, who seemingly never leaves her side, not even when she's posing for Shrimpton Couture. Check it out below.

There's A Third One!

Alexandra Daddario | Instagram

Aside from Eunice and Gerry, Daddario has opened her home to a third rescue dog, whom she dubbed her "shower companion" in an Instagram photo from June, given above. The furry trio is having a blast hanging out together by looks of it, with the Baywatch star musing about it back in October.

"I’ve really got my hands full right now," she wrote on Instagram at the time, sharing a picture of the three dogs at lunchtime. See it below.

Supporting Dog Adoption

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Back in 2018, when hers was still a one-dog household, Daddario was avidly promoting dog adoption, something she still does to this day. At the time, the San Andreas actress teamed up with Autotrader to help promote, a dog adoption website partnering with

“I love the idea that they are supporting rescue animals,” Daddario told Men’s Journal.

“We need to get more animals out of shelters and into loving homes. I think it’s great to see so much support for dog adoption. Having a dog brings so much joy into your life, allowing you to access that nurturing part of your spirit," she said.

Daddario continued: "It is also nice especially if you live alone — like I used to — to have someone there to greet you joyously every time you come home. It also helps keep you active.”

Further elaborating on that last part, the actress shared that she loves hiking with her dog and that having a rescue pup has greatly improved her lifestyle.

"Having my dog has helped me explore more of Los Angeles and encouraged me to discover trails that were more off the beaten path. It sounds ridiculous, but I never want my dog to get bored," she said. "Along that line of thinking, I’m less bored now that I mix up my hiking. It’s not just about working out. It’s about seeing things I haven’t seen before and being adventurous."

Spreading Awareness For Sheltered Dogs

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Two years later, she was spreading awareness for sheltered dogs through a partnership with Subaru. Taking to Instagram to promote the endeavor, Daddario posted a selfie of her and Levon, encouraging people to adopt shelter dogs.

"Consider adopting a furry friend or plan something special for your dog on #MakeADogsDay!" she wrote. See the post below.

Daddario also told all about it to PopCulture, stressing that the event was particularly "celebrating the Underdogs, who are the last-to-be-adopted shelter dogs (dogs with special needs, senior dogs, dogs with physical challenges, and so on)."

Opening up about her love for her four-legged companions, Daddario admitted she's "obsessed with dogs."

"I didn't have any pets growing up, so it wasn't until after I moved to L.A. and was on my own that I really got into dog adoption," she said. "In my downtime, I like to go to shelters and volunteer my time to help and use my platform to encourage people to adopt."