Lourdes Leon Reveals Why She Doesn't Want To Be A Social Media Influencer

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Sarah Haider

Even though Lourdes Leon has always preferred a private life, she is famous on social media for many reasons. She is known for her peculiar fashion sense and sexy persona. She has carved an identity for herself in the modelling industry.

The 25-year-old model is admired by many for her feminist views. Yet, she has also been a target of criticism for refusing to shave her armpit hair.

And last but not least, she is popular for being the daughter of American pop icon, Madonna.

In a recent interview, Lourdes — who goes by the moniker Lola on Instagram — opened up about her complicated relationship with social media and revealed why she does not want to be an influencer.

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Social Media, Lies, And Nonsense

Even though social media has become a great tool for many celebrities out there to build a loyal fanbase and make money at the same time, that’s certainly not Lola's cup of tea.

In an interview with PAPER magazine, the model revealed that she doesn't want to be identified as a social media influencer as it's full of lies and nonsense.

"As long as I’m not known for anything horrible, I’m good … As long as I’m not known for being an influencer, I’m good. Anything else is fine.”

She went on to say that she doesn’t want to be an influencer because social media has turned into a “horrible thing and you’re being fed lies and nonsense every day because it’s all an algorithm.”

The model maintained that she is against the notion because social media shows people what they want to see. And as a result, they become “more and more of a consumer.”

Use It In A Funny Way

Even though Lourdes has been quite blunt about the downsides of social media, she said that she loves it “as a tool,” adding that had it not turned into a horrible thing, it could have been something amazing.

Speaking to PAPER, the model said that social media could be beneficial if it is used for fun.

“But I think it could be used in such a funny way, which is how I use it.”

The model went on to say that people take social media very seriously", especially when they come across online trolls.

“It’s literally their life because it is a lot of people’s lives,” she said.

A Complicated Relationship

Explaining the reason behind her reservations about being a social media influencer, Lourdes said that the entire phenomenon is a joke to her.

The 25-year-old model added that unlike many celebrities out there, she shares a complicated relationship with social media because it makes her feel bad about herself.

“I have a complicated relationship with [social media] because a lot of times it makes me feel shi*ty about myself. If this algorithm has made it so I’m only seeing people that look a certain way or live a certain lifestyle, and then I’m going to compare myself to those people. That’s not healthy for anyone,” she told the PAPER.

She also expressed her concerns about the kind of effects social media has on children and added that since many people on different platforms are fake, it will harm kids’ psyche.

Smashing The Patriarchy

Lourdes, who is known for her strong views on feminism and women’s empowerment, told the publication that while social media has projected her in a hypersexualized way, she does not believe showing skin should be synonymous with being promiscuous or sexually unrestrained.

“Everybody has their f*cked up male views, even though they’re not even male,” she said.

“This ties back into the way I feel about social media. It seems to me that if you’re coming onto social media, you need to follow a certain set of rules to make people like you, is what I realized.

She continued: " You have to follow these rules and be cute, be polite and be nice. Not do too much of this, not do too much of that. You can’t talk sht to anyone because people will be so mad at you, even though they’re talking sht to you in the first place, but you can’t clap back. God forbid you clap back.”