Alexandra Daddario Hosts The Perfect Post-Quarantine 'Holiday Party'

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Alexandra Lozovschi

With the holidays just around the corner, fans got some A-grade advice on how to throw the perfect post-quarantine party from none other than The White Lotus star Alexandra Daddario. Teaming up with Vogue and Grey Goose Vodka for a new ad, the 35-year-old actress coached viewers through setting up a stress-free Christmas or New Year's Eve bash, reminding everyone that all you need to have fun is some good company and some good vodka.

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All In The Outfit

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Clad in a colorful bathrobe, Alexandra got real about the anxiety of having guests over for the first time in a long while, imparting her sage advice on what to prioritize as she struggled to stuff a pink feathered wrap back into a cluttered dressing.

"You know when you haven't had people over in a year, but it's the holidays, and last night you texted all your friends saying you'll have a party to celebrate the season, but you haven't cleaned the house in weeks and you've basically been living off of takeout and you have no idea what to do?" she said, peering into the camera with a desolate stare before answering her own question: "Outfit."

Party Spirit

Putting on a little fashion show, Alexandra went through her pink closet, picking out a few dresses to try on, with a dressing mirror teasing the baroque decor of her boudoir. She later put on a fashion show, discarding a glittery white gown with fuzzy puff sleeves as "too much" and a patterned crop top and tight pants ensemble as "wrong decade."

Switching sets from a pink plush bedroom with a ceiling made entirely of mirror to a lush green one complete with a golden bedframe and hanging plants, Alexandra proved it doesn't matter what state your house is as long as you're comfortable about how you look.

Finally deciding on an outfit for the evening, with a third decor change to boot, she was ready to welcome her guests and get into the party spirit.

Watch The Video Below

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Wearing a white vintage minidress with a marbled print and a large pink bow draped over the front -- "It's like I'm the present," she mused, giving herself a once-over in a massive vintage mirror -- Alexandra reached up for a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka, mixing cocktails for her merry company.

She then served one final lesson on how to throw the perfect holiday party: be gracious to your guests, because they've also been through a lot during quarantine.

Watch the full video below -- we don't want to spoil the ending, but the final scene is hilarious!

Sneak Peek

Uploaded on YouTube by Grey Goose Vodka on November 22, the ad was also shared on Alexandra's Instagram page the following day for her 21 million followers to enjoy.

"I can't wait to celebrate the holidays properly this year, but first I got to celebrate with @voguemagazine and @greygoose and the most fun spontaneous cocktail party you could ask for," she wrote in the caption, adding a "ViveLaVodka" hashtag.

The Baywatch actress, who just got engaged to 52-year-old horror movie producer Andrew Form, gave a sneak peek at one of her party looks from the clip in a post shared on October 16.

Rocking the glittery dress as she lay on a round, red velvet bed, Alexandra snapped a selfie in the ceiling mirror, brushing off the look as "casual" in the caption.

Since she's also played down a gorgeous vintage Jean Louis Scherrer dress as her "gardening outfit" in a more recent upload, fans were hardly surprised by her quirky sense of humor. Check out the post below.