MLB Rumors: 3 Marcell Ozuna Replacements For The Braves

Ernesto Cova

Against all odds and even though their season seemed doomed right from the start, the Atlanta Braves shocked all of Major League Baseball.

The Braves won fewer games than the Seattle Mariners and Toronto Blue Jays, a couple of teams that didn't even make the playoffs.

Even so, Brian Snitker's squad went the distance to beat the Houston Astros and win the World Series.

The most impressive part? They did that without Ronald Acuña Jr (injured) and Marcell Ozuna, who was out all year over a domestic violence incident.

The Braves Just Can't Bring Ozuna Back

Ozuna is expected to be cleared back to play at some point and could be back with the team next season.

Nonetheless, the talented outfielder shouldn't be anywhere near a baseball field next year, if ever.

The Braves just can't afford to bring him back after the video of him choking and beating his wife.

Obviously, that's a huge issue from a baseball standpoint. That's why today, we're going to talk about the top 3 free agents that could fill his void in the lineup.

Eddie Rosario

The Braves got Eddie Rosario from the Cleveland Indians midseason and it definitely paid off, so why not try and run it back with him on the left side of the field?

Rosario's contact and timely hitting came in handily for Snitker's team more often than not, especially in the playoffs.

He's a solid defender and, albeit not a powerful hitter, he's still more than capable of getting to base and making things happen on the plate. Also, he shouldn't be that expensive.

Joc Pederson

Once again, the Braves could have an answer for their struggles right in front of them.

Joc Pederson wasn't nearly as productive as he was during his days with the Los Angeles Dodgers but still, he and his pearls played a big role in the Braves World Series run.

He slashed .249/.325/.428 and was pretty solid off the bench and even subbed in for Eddie Rosario when he was on the Injured List.

He can also serve as the team's Designated Hitter if they bring Rosario back.

Kyle Schwarber

And last but not least, the Braves should try and make a run at one of the most sought-after players in free agency: Kyle Schwarber.

Schwarber is the Jack of all trades. He can play first and third base, left field, and even be the team's designated hitter.

He's coming off a huge year with both the Nationals and Red Sox and Boston will try and get him to stay, so he may not be the cheapest choice for reigning champions, though.