Selena Gomez Shows A Good Heart With Mental Health Announcement

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Rebecca Cukier

Selena Gomez is making it about others and showing a good heart as she announces she's launching a mental health platform. The "Rare" singer and beauty founder, herself a sufferer of mental health issues and diagnosed bipolar, is fresh from the news that Wondermind - the name of the platform - will be offering support, and it's all launching this week.

The Only Murders in the Buiding star has partnered with Daniella Pierson for Wondermind, with a social media message explaining more.

Launching Mental Health Platform This Week

Joined by mom Mandy Teefey in the launch, Selena is bringing a community-based platform offering both mental health content and support for sufferers.

"We’ve each had our own mental health struggles, and we realized there was no inclusive, fun, and easy place where people could come together to explore, discuss, and navigate their feelings. So we created it. Welcome to Wondermind," a statement reads. The platform touts the benefits of therapy, but likewise the possibility to hit up Wonderland more casually - like going to the gym.

Personal Training 'For Your Mind'

The statement continued: “Mental fitness is a daily commitment,” it explains. “The more you practice, the better you feel—just like working out. We’re giving you easy ways to do it via daily content.”

Meanwhile, Grammy nominee Selena has stated she wants there to "be a place of people coming together and understanding that they're not alone.”

Selena has been open about her own anxiety and depression battles, saying: "I live with bipolar" but confirming she doesn't suffer from it "anymore." Skip the jump for more.

Instagram Has Launched

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Wondermind has a fresh Instagram account, one already boasting 33,000 followers. In stating she's no longer suffering from bipolar disorder, Texan-born Selena also said: “I understand what it's like to be confused and not really understand what are these feelings and emotions coming from," adding: "I'm really happy and proud of the progress I have made.”

Wonderland will also bring a podcast. The pandemic, meanwhile, has already brought mental health initiatives from the likes of singers Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato - both joined forces last year for their BrightMinded Instagram series.

Breaking Down Barriers

In a promotional video shared to the Wondermind IG, the platform told fans:

"It was incredibly important for us to redefine what a “business cover” traditionally looks like. Not a declaration of a businessperson being invincible. Just 3 women, from 3 different generations, all publicly sharing their mental illnesses and the struggles we go through every single day."

It added: "Because the people you see on magazines are most likely struggling with their mental health too — it just hasn’t been OK to admit it. The stigma is you can’t be successful and be transparent about your mental health."