'Euphoria' Star Sydney Sweeney Explains Why Her Character Is Not Just A "Slut"

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Sydney Sweeney plays her character Cassie Howard in HBO's Euphoria extremely well. Apart from being a great actres, Sweeney's connection to her character allows her to bring to life the sexy and troubled cheerleader.

The 24-year-old actress opened up about a secret exercise she does to get into character and also what she really thinks about Cassie being labeled a "slut" in the show.

Sydney's Secret Ritual

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According to the actress, she does a ritual of sorts to get into character. She creates a "character book", which contains a detailed timeline of her character's life. This diary helps her better understand how to portray her role more deeply.

“Before we went into filming, I actually got to sit down and build Cassie’s character book,” Sweeney shared.

“That is an interactive timeline diary of her entire life, and so, something that happened when she was two with her dad will create how she reacts when she opens her ice-skating present on her tenth birthday.”

Cassie Is Not Just A "Nice Slut"

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Sweeney also explained that she thinks Cassie has depth and substance beyond her sexy persona.

“It could have been a one-note character: She’s just the nice slut,” she said in an interview.

“Cassie spoke to me on a different level, so I was able to find a depth to her. I hope that the different characters I play speak to people on a deeper level, whether it’s through one decision or one moment in their onscreen lives.”

Hateful Comments On Social Media

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Despite having a successful career, Sydney can still relate to her character's insecurities and vulnerability.

Earlier this year, Sydney cried on Instagram Live after receiving hateful comments about her appearance on Twitter.

The actress decided to go live to show her followers that words on social media can really affect people.

“Apparently I am trending on Twitter right now for being ugly,” she told her followers. “And I would never actually do this, like ever. But I think it’s really important for people to see how words actually affect people."

What's Next For Cassie On Euphoria Season 2?

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What's next for Cassie on season 2?

Sydney was careful not to spoil the next season but she has said that she is extremely hopeful that Cassie gets some kind of growth. She also hinted that there is a major plot twist in Cassie's storyline that even she did not see coming.

“You won’t even be able to guess what’s coming… I couldn’t even guess it,” Sydney told Entertainment Tonight.

“It’s just shocking. I mean, everything with life as a teenager is shocking, so you never know what to expect.”

The season 2 of Euphoria will start airing on HBO Max on January 9. Watch the trailer below: