Patriots Rumors: Drew Bledsoe Was 'Disheartened' Over Tom Brady's Success

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Injuries are the worst part of sports but are a big part of it nonetheless.

Sometimes, ironically, a player being hurt winds up being a blessing in disguise for his team, as was the case with Drew Bledsoe and the New England Patriots.

Fresh off signing a then-record $103 million contract, Bledsoe suffered an injury in the second game of the 2001 season.

Some skinny guy named Tom Brady stepped in and the rest, as you know by now, is history.

Bledsoe Says He Loves Brady

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Brady led the Patriots to the playoffs and Bledsoe would never get his starting job back.

Recently, Drew and Brady sat down to look back on that moment for Brady's documentary “Tom Brady: Man in the Arena:"

“With Tom it was bittersweet; love the guy,” Bledsoe said, per Patriots Wire. “But at the same time, that’s my job that he’s got. And that’s my team that he’s leading. And I don’t get to go out there and do that. … But I do think that I was able to, in spite of that, actually get my job done and still be supportive. If Tommy was an (expletive), it would have been really, really hard to do that. But he’s not.”


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Bledsoe Was 'Disheartened' When Brady Won The Super Bowl

Brady and the Patriots won Super Bowl XXXVI that season.

And, even though Bledsoe was happy for them and even hyped Brady up, he admitted to being disheartened by the situation:

“I remember being excited for our guys, but at the same time a little internally disheartened,” Bledsoe said, as quoted by The New York Post. “‘Like man, battled through a lot of stuff to try to get to this point, and now I’ve arrived here and the other guy got to play.'”

Brady Lauds Drew's Maturity

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Brady lauded Drew's ability to put his own feelings aside and do what was best for the team.

Bledsoe was a great mentor for Brady and never allowed his desire to play to get in the way of their relationship:

“When Drew got hurt, no one would’ve wanted that, no one hoped for that,” Brady said. “And I think what I respect so much about him is he never let any of those emotions negatively impact me in any way. And I love Drew, and I respected Drew for everything that he had done.”

Passing The Torch

Two decades went by and Brady led the Patriots to six Super Bowl wins, putting together one of the most feared dynasties in professional sports' history.

Now, Bill Belichick will look to find that same success with Mac Jones leading the way.

And, even though it's still pretty early to tell that Jones - or anyone, for that matter - can fill Brady's shoes, he's done an outstanding job thus far.

It's not the same situation by any means, but maybe, just maybe; history will kind of repeat itself.