'Squid Game' Star HoYeon Jung Wears Only Leggings In Stilettos


Rebecca Cukier

HoYeon Jung has braved the topless look for a stunning high heels snap. The Squid Game star, whose Instagram following has jumped up 15 million in just three weeks amid her newfound superstardom, has been turning heads on social media with her fashion looks - the former runway model still indulges in her old wheelhouse, although these days, it's as the magazines wait in line to profile her.

Posting as she fronted Vogue Korea this fall, Jung stunned in a series of edgy photos, including a leggings-only one.

Fronting 'Vogue Korea'

Scroll for the photos. HoYeon, who walked the runway for brands including Chanel and Bottega Veneta ahead of her Netflix fame, updated on October 19, posting first to showcase a one-shouldered and slit dress in lime green.

Sending out her flawless good looks, the Seoul native drove fans to swipe, where a gallery also included a snap showing her in metallic and chain-belted silver shorts, plus a black buttoned jacket worn with nothing underneath. Sexy thigh-highs boots and a statement necklace completed the ensemble.

See The Snap Below

Rocking an edgy short bob and blunt bangs, Jung posed looking dead at the lens as she folded both arms across her bare chest - her hands, under the jacket, were hidden. Subsequent shots showed her in a crushed velvet pantsuit and shirt, with one shot seeing her cupping her unclothed chest while in high-waisted black leggings.

Also rocking high heels, HoYeon went for a dramatic, loose-haired finish, with the caption only reading: "@voguekorea." Swipe below for the gallery - scroll for more.

Reality Brought Her To Acting

Referencing her former days as a globe-trotting model in a recent Vogue feature, the new Louis Vuitton ambassador mentioned her transition into acting, stating:

"When I’d travel by myself on airplanes and stay at hotels, I spent most of my days just watching movies." She added: “[Afterward] I thought more and more about myself and my position in humanity at large. Who was I? What does it mean to be human? The need to answer those questions was what brought me to acting.” More below.

Never 'Dreamed' Of Becoming A Sensation

Squid Game, boasting over 11 million viewers as it tells the dystopian story of individuals playing a twisted childhood game for money, has turned Jung into a bonafide sensation - but she didn't see it coming.

“I was just so happy that I got a role and could give a performance,” she said. “I still feel nervous at the thought of meeting an audience through the screen. I never dreamed that the show would become such a global sensation.”

For more check out HoYeon's Instagram.