Who Is Alexandra Daddario's Boyfriend, Andrew Form?

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Alexandra Daddario and Andrew Form have been dating for nearly half a year, and things are getting pretty serious between the 35-year-old actress and the 52-year-old movie producer. While some fans were taken aback by their 17-year age difference when they first started courting, the couple is as happy as can be, with The White Lotus star often sharing romantic photos with her 20.6 million Instagram followers.

Ther love birds have even bought a house together, sharing a gorgeous 5,306-square-foot mansion in Los Angeles' celebrity-studded Hancock Park neighborhood. It looks like Form may be the one for Daddario, who's previously been engaged to her Percy Jackson co-star, Logan Lerman.

Here's everything you need to know about the man who stole her heart.

Producer Of Horror Films

While Daddario is certainly the more famous of the couple, Form is a reputed Hollywood producer, kickstarting his career as a production assistant for legendary producer Jerry Bruckheimer (Armageddon, Black Hawk Down, Pirates of the Caribbean). In 2001, Form founded the production company Platinum Dunes with producer Bradley Fuller and director Michael Bay.

While the company is known for a number of high-quality horror movies, including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and its 2006 prequel, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Friday the 13th, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and The Purge franchise, Form and Fuller got substantial public acclaim for their work on 2018's A Quiet Place, with the sequel coming out earlier this year.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Daddario is very supportive of her boyfriend's career.

Previously Married To Jordana Brewster

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Before romancing Daddario, Form was married to actress Jordana Brewster for 13 years. The two met on the set The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning in 2005, dating in secret for a year until the movie's release. Soon after going public with their relationship, Form proposed, with the pair announcing their engagement in November 2006.

The Long Island, New York native and the The Fast and the Furious actress were wed on Nevis Island in the Bahamas in May 2007. While everything seemed to be going great, the couple, pictured above in 2019, shocked fans with their mid-pandemic divorce this summer, having separated a while beforehand.

Brewster, who has also moved on, finding the love of her life in Mason Morfit, opened up about her marriage and "leading parallel lives" in a June essay for Glamour.

"Once I slowed down and got quiet, I could hear myself saying, 'We are not on the same page. I can either remain in this comfortable zone and distract myself, or I can face what is not working in my life and fix it.' I chose the latter," she wrote.

Andrew Form's Children

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Form and Brewster may have ended their 13-year marriage, but the two remain on great terms. The pair, who share two sons together, 7-year-old Julian and 5-year-old Rowan, are doing an excellent job co-parenting.

Speaking to People in 2017, Brewster revealed that Julian has inherited her fiery personality. Meanwhile, Rowan, who was born via surrogacy, takes more after his father, said the mother-of-two.

“Julian has a massive temper,” she shared. “Rowan is very mellow so far, so he’s a lot more like my husband, whereas Julian… he gets over things really quickly, so that’s like me, but he flares up. I think that’s his Brazilian blood.”

Instagram Official In May

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While it's unclear when Daddario first started dating Form, the actress made their relationship Instagram-official on May 13. She shared a sweet photo of the two cuddling, writing: "It was dark and cold and rainy today, a terrible combination, and it didn’t make it warmer to wrap him up in my arms but it did make it all seem lovely and nice and joyful."

Less than two weeks later, she was professing her love on social media with a snap of them sharing a romantic kiss, given above. Soon after that, they were making their red carpet debut at The White Lotus premiere.

Interestingly enough, Brewster was among the first people to like Daddario and Form's Daddario's Insta-official pic, per Just Jared. This clearly shows the exes are more than amicable and supportive of each other, with Brewster giving her seal of approval to his relationship with the Songbird actress.