Assailant in Stone Bridge High Sexual Assault Case Found Guilty

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Christine Beswick

A juvenile assailant accused of sexual assault at Stone Bridge High in Virginia was found guilty in Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court this week. The incident occurred on May 28 of this year, and involved an assault in the bathroom of the high school, an assault that included forced sodomy and fellatio reports Loudon Now.

Following the incident, the now-convicted 14-year-old male assailant was transferred to another school at Broad Run High School, where another incident occurred on Oct. 6.

The student will return to court on Nov. 15 for a hearing relating to that second incident.

The Transgender Problem at Stone Bridge High

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The charges related to the second assault include sexual battery and abduction. The family of the female victim in the May incident is saying the problem was “predictable and preventable.”

The assailant in the May incident was a biological male wearing a skirt in the women’s bathroom before the female victim was attacked. The two teens reportedly knew each other prior to seeing each other in the bathroom.

It is unclear if the male is transgender or not, as the authorities have not commented on the convicted teen's gender identity reports the Washington Post. However, it is a point at the center of this case.

What initiated the attack also remains unclear, however the policies on transgender student rights have been a focus of the school board since the incident. The policy known as 8040 allows transgender students to use a bathroom that matches with their gender identity reports New York Post.

That policy did not come into effect until after the incident. At least one parent, separate from the family of the victim's, has accused the school board of covering up the sexual assault in order to push a pro-transgender policy, and has called for the resignation of the superintendent.

A Heated School Board Meeting

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A June School Board meeting was held regarding a proposed policy known as Policy 8040 on transgender student rights. At the time, the superintendent of the district, Superintendent Scott Ziegler said no assaults in restrooms had occurred. He later walked that back saying he did not understand the question.

During the board meeting, the father of the victim was present. He was later arrested after an altercation with another attendee at the meeting. The parent was convicted on August 17 of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, and plans to appeal and seek Title IX actions against the county.

The Students Walked Out

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This past Tuesday, students in the Loudon County Public School system organized a walkout in solidarity for student safety reports WJLA. Crowds were seen at Stone Bridge High and other Loudon County high schools, including Broad Run High, Lightridge High School, Briar Woods High School, and Loudon County High School.

During the protest, students chanted, “Loudon County protects rapists.” Several hundreds of students attended the walkout. Other chants included, “We need change. This is BS. We demand change.”

The case is gaining national attention.

The Family of the First Victim

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The family of the first victim has undergone incredible duress since the assault on their daughter. The daughter is healing and dealing with trauma from the assaults, but is getting support from students across the district.

In addition to the assaults, the family and others in the district now know that the district knew about the problem and did nothing until the sheriff’s county became involved.

Loudon Now reports that the Bill Stanley of The Stanley Group, the attorney for the victim said,

“No one should have to endure what this family has endured, and now their focus is completely on their daughter’s health and safety as she progresses forward with her life.”

By reporting the incident, the victim has taken a critical step in exposing a school board for ignoring violence and safety against children in Loudon County schools.