NFL Rumors: Deshaun Watson To Have 'More Robust' Market In 2022 Offseason

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JB Baruelo

In the past months, rumors have been continuously swirling around veteran quarterback Deshaun Watson and his future with the Houston Texans. Since January, Watson has been expressing his desire to leave Space City and start a new journey somewhere else. At first, the Texans were hesitant to move Watson, saying that they still considered him part of their long-term future.

However, they changed their stance about keeping the disgruntled quarterback after multiple civil lawsuits with allegations of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior were filed against him.

Will Deshaun Watson Be Moved Before The November 2 Trade Deadline?

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When they opted to use Davis Mills and Tyrod Taylor instead of him as their signal-callers in the 2021 NFL season, some NFL fans have started to think that a trade involving Watson is near. However, a few weeks before the November 2 NFL trade deadline, the veteran quarterback remains an official member of the Texans' roster.

According to Jeremy Fowler and Dan Graziano of ESPN, the potential deal involving Watson "doesn't sound likely" to happen before the 2021 NFL trade deadline.

Why Deshaun Watson Trade Is Unlikely To Happen Before Trade Deadline

Fowler and Graziano mentioned several reasons why Watson is more likely to spend the entire 2021 NFL season with the Texans than get traded before the November 2 NFL trade deadline. Unlike in the 2021 NFL offseason, Fowler and Graziano claimed that teams are currently more focused on the "business of trying to win games" with what they have than thinking of what they may be able to get.

Also, before trading for Watson, potential suitors must also be wanting to know what will be the outcome of the ongoing civil cases that were filed against him this summer. If he's proven guilty, the NFL could suspend Watson under the personal conduct policy or place him on the commissioner's exempt list.

Texans Better Off Waiting In 2022 Offseason To Trade Deshaun Watson

If the Texans are still hoping to get a decent return for the disgruntled quarterback, Fowler and Graziano believe that it would be best for them to wait until the 2022 NFL offseason to trade Watson when his market is expected to be "more robust."

"Assuming that clarity exists -- and that the resolution of the lawsuits doesn't render Watson completely unavailable or undesirable from an NFL standpoint -- it's also likely that the market for his services will be more robust next spring than it is now," the ESPN report reads. "There are a number of teams that aren't currently looking for a quarterback but might be in March."

Potential Suitors Of Deshaun Watson In 2022 Offseason

If he could win his case and manage to stay away from any major injury, several teams would surely be lining up to get Watson's service in the 2022 NFL offseason. According to ESPN, Watson is expected to receive strong interest from teams that could be looking for a replacement for their aging quarterbacks like the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers.

If the quarterbacks that they recently drafted would fail to impress this season, Fowler and Graziano think that the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles could also join the pursuit for Watson next summer. Other potential suitors that they mentioned include Seattle Seahawks, Las Vegas Raiders, Washington Football Team, Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers, and the New Orleans Saints.