Hailey Bieber Showcases Her 'Many Moods' In Bikini Bottoms


Rebecca Cukier

Hailey Bieber wasn't just one mood as she sizzled in high-cut white bikini bottoms this week. The 25-year-old supermodel and wife to pop star "Peaches" singer Justin Bieber made sure her "many moods" were on show in another flawless Instagram update, one seeing the blonde joke a little and stun her fans.

Hailey, fresh from sharing her jaw-dropping wedding gown as she marks another marriage milestone with her Canadian-born husband, was all abs and golden tan in her snaps. See the classy shoot below.

'Many Moods' And Summer Sunshine


Scroll for the photos. They come amid major headlines Hailey and Justin have jointly made this month - it was Hailey, though, who spoke to Demi Lovato as she shut down suggestions her marriage is unstable.

Wowing while topping up her tan and shot outdoors, the Levi's face opened with a sunbathing snap while in bikini bottoms and a matching long-sleeved crop top. Statement dark shades and a chic towel head turban completed the impossibly glam look as Bieber also wore discreet earrings.


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See Her Photos Below

The neutral expression in the opening snap was followed by goofy "O" face ones in a polaroid set of four images with a swipe right. Hailey then returned in her ensemble while outdoors and striking another humorous expression - the post showed off more of the same look as Bieber played it cool and threw in a sneaker finish.

"Many moods of HB," the caption read, with Hailey also tagging her photographer. Swipe below for the fully gallery, scroll for more photos.

Addressing Real Moods With Mental Health

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Bieber, worth $20 million and now fronting footwear giant Jimmy Choo and luxury French label Yves Saint Laurent, has opened up on her actual moods - namely, on the trolls who have "disturbed" her mental health.

"I think it’s a matter of not feeding into them," she told Cosmo. "A lot of what social media is, is people projecting their own insecurities on to you. And people just lie. They make up all these crazy, weird lies that can be really disturbing for your own mental health."

Bullies Drove Her To Therapy

Bieber even revealed that she'd wound up seeking professional help after online bullies targeted her on a repeated basis.

"I’ve had to work a lot of this through with a therapist, because it had got to a point where they’d [the bullies] gotten way too crazy for me, and I was really anxious all the time," she added.

Hailey is fresh from marking one year since her unofficial wedding to Bieber - the two actually wed in a courthouse in 2018, after which Justin introduced her as his "wife."