NFL Rumors: Eagles Could Send Zach Ertz To Saints For 2022 Fourth-Round Pick

 Zach Ertz standing on the football field
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Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz is one of the NFL players who are frequently mentioned in various trade speculations. Since they failed to reach a mutual agreement regarding a contract extension, rumors have started to swirl that Ertz is no longer happy with the Eagles and actively finding his way out of the City of Brother Love.

Despite being present in the team's training camp and preseason games, most people believe that Ertz's days with the Eagles are already numbered.

Zach Ertz To New Orleans Saints

Zach Ertz waiting for the ball
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In the past months, Ertz has already been linked to several NFL teams who have shallow tight end depth, including the New Orleans Saints. Before their recent game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, no one would have believed that the Saints would have an interest in trading for Ertz. However, things have dramatically changed after the Saints lost their top two tight ends - Adam Trautman and Nick Vannett - to injuries.

On Twitter, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported that Trautman injured his foot against the Jaguars while Vannett hurt his knee.

Proposed Trade To Acquire Zach Ertz From Eagles

Zach Ertz being escorted in the locker room
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The Saints may currently have Garrett Griffin, Ethan Wolf, and Juwan Johnson on their roster, but if they want to have a strong start in the 2021 NFL season while Trautman and Vannett are recovering from their respective injuries, bringing Ertz to New Orleans would make a lot of sense. In a recent article, John Sigler of USA Today's Saints Wire came up with a hypothetical trade idea that would enable the Saints to acquire Ertz from the Eagles.

In the proposed trade scenario, the Saints would be sending a 2022 fourth-round pick to the Eagles in exchange for Ertz.

Why The Eagles Would Make The Trade

The proposed trade deal would make a lot of sense for the Eagles, especially if they don't have any plan of giving Ertz a contract extension. Instead of losing him in the summer of 2022 without getting anything in return, the suggested trade would allow the Eagles to immediately get rid of the distraction on their team while acquiring a fourth-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

The Eagles may be expecting a better trade package for Ertz but as of now, they must be aware that no team would overpay for an NFL player who's already past his prime and has injury history.

Saints Need Zach Ertz To Commit Long-Term

Ertz would undeniably be an upgrade over the three remaining healthy tight ends - Griffin, Wolf, and Johnson - on the Saints' roster. Ertz may no longer be in his prime, but he still has some gas left in his tank to temporarily fill the hole left by Trautman and Vannett while they are still recovering from their respective injuries.

However, before surrendering a future draft asset for Ertz, the Saints should first get an assurance from him that he intends to stay in New Orleans beyond the 2021 NFL season.