After White Lotus - What's Next For Alexandra Daddario?

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Lindsay Cronin

Alexandra Daddario is doing big things in her career with no sign of slowing down.

Following memorable roles in San Andreas, the reboot of The Texas Chainsaw Masacre, and The Layover, Cinema Blend has confirmed that 35-year-old Daddario, whose breakout movie role came in the Percy Jackson film series, has at least one recurring role that fans can expect to see her in more in the coming months.

Read on to find out what Daddario is currently filming, and what she could return to.

Fans Should Be Seeing More Of Alexandra Daddario In 'The Girlfriend Experience'

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Although Daddario has dabbled in a career behind the scenes as a producer, she doesn't appear to have any production work lined up at the moment. Instead, she seems to be focusing all of her attention on her on-camera work.

While a fourth season of The Girlfriend Experience has not yet been confirmed by Starz, there doesn't appear to be any reason to think the show will be canceled. And, if it returns, Daddario, who plays Tawny, will likely return with it.

Alexandra Daddario's Role On 'White Lotus' May Have Come To An End

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Daddario has also been seen on HBO's The White Lotus in the role of Rachel, a journalist who is married to a man named Shane, played by Jake Lacy. However, while the series is expected to continue on with a second season, it isn't clear if Daddario will be featured.

As Deadline shared earlier this month, the Mike White-directed show's second installment will feature an all-new group of travelers as they visit a yet-to-be-seen White Lotus property and take on what life throws their way.

'Die In A Gun Fight' Is Alexandra Daddario's Latest Film

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While Daddario will likely be returning to television in Starz' The Girlfriend Experience, she doesn't have any confirmed projects in film.

Although Daddario could certainly be involved in a number of yet-to-be-confirmed projects, her last known film work came in the form of Die in a Gunfight, which featured Daddario in a starring role alongside Diego Boneta, Justin Chatwin, Wade Allain-Marcus, Billy Crudup, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and Travis Fimmel.

Die in a Gunfight was released in theaters on July 16 of this year.

Could A 'San Andreas 2' Be In The Works?

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Although a number of fans would be thrilled to hear news of a potential follow-up film to San Andreas, no such thing has been announced. And, according to Cinema Blend, it doesn't appear that the idea is even in the works. That said, in the years since San Andreas was released in 2015, there has been a ton of buzz in regard to a possible San Andreas 2.

Stay tuned to find out what else Daddario will get involved with as her career continues.