Gymnast McKayla Maroney Celebrates Life Improvement With Ocean Splash


Rebecca Cukier

Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney is celebrating the small improvements in life by taking a trip to the ocean. The 25-year-old former athlete and London 2012 Olympics face took to her Instagram on Wednesday night to spread a little positivity, posting for her 1.3 million followers and reminding them how powerful a mantra can be. McKayla, who has openly addressed her past disordered eating and depression on social media, was showing what a turn-a-round she's achieved. She even extended the tip to her fans.

Glass Half Full


Scroll for photos. The California native, increasingly making headlines for her Glohé wellness Instagram, had posted via her main feed, one this year chronicling her health troubles after an emergency E.R. visit in February slapped her with a painful kidney stones diagnosis.

Posting with stunning ocean views, first from afar and then seemingly at the water's edge, the GEICO face shared the perks of her West Coast location, but the message was one from within as McKayla spread a little wellness wisdom.

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Taking to her caption, McKayla wrote: "My life only gets better," adding: "Your new mantra." The post had directly followed stories addressing how "Olympic athletes can be chronically ill too" - here, Maroney had listed famous stars including 31-year-old Olympian Nastia Liukin and her recent migraines reveal amid a list of medical ailments that even the most-famous of rubber band athletes can be hiding.

McKayla is an open book when it comes to her physical and mental health. Scroll for more photos after the jump.

Reveals Skin Condition


In June, and while posting selfies in a tube top as she showcased tiny bumps on her arms, McKayla revealed she suffers from genetic condition KP.

"Crazy enough this is actually my KP at it’s best!! Two years ago It was way worse, I had tons of raised active bumps, and even more redness, and inflammation," she said while showcasing front and side views.

"Right now it’s just patches of redness and left over scarring... My left arm is way clearer than my right ," Maroney added.

Positivity Queen

Maroney, who mentioned "scarring" and "red patches," continued: "This is a genetic condition, and I’ve done everything I can to improve it, so I don’t let myself get sad about it anymore."

Also a talking point this year has been the gymnast's recovery from both binge eating disorder and periods of restrictive eating, with McKayla mentioning how self-acceptance and mindfulness have aided her on her recovery journey. Also famously battling eating disorders have been 28-year-old singer Demi Lovato and music legend Paula Abdul.