Falling In Love Changes Men's Brains — Here's How

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Jacob Highley

It is said that love is a funny thing. But love is far more than just an emotion. Research now shows that both men and women’s brain's change after falling in love.

Licensed professional counselor Dr. Jake Porter, LPC shared during an interview with Bustle that men literally “get high” off of love.

There is a hormonal reaction that occurs for men that increases their energy, virility, and even their mental health after they fall in love.

Let’s take a look at the data…

'High On Love'

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At the beginning of a relationship, “the brain produces a very high level of a chemical called phenylethylamine (PEA),” Porter, said.

“This naturally produced amphetamine is what makes people ‘high on love.'"

To put it simply, love is basically a drug that enhances virtually everything for men. They suddenly feel more energetic, happier, and sexier! (Not to mention how their testosterone levels change!)

The emotional response stimulated by a loving relationship is a clear indicator of why so many men in relationships are happier than singles.

In 2017, a study was published which showed that there were numerous reasons why married men were living their best lives when in a relationship instead of being single.

'Clouding Of Judgement'

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Porter went on to share how this love "high" would actually lead to people practically becoming blind to their partner's imperfections or annoying behaviors:

“The high of PEA impairs our judgment causing us to overlook aspects in our new partners that we would otherwise find concerning or annoying,” he says. “Ideally, this clouding of judgment lasts long enough for us to form a more long-lasting bond, at which time those things start to bother us, but not enough to end the relationship.”

New Good Memories

Dr. Holly Schiff, Psy.D., a licensed clinical psychologist shared that when a man falls in love, he is also going to start creating new good memories to get over a previous relationship or partner. This is especially true for those who create strong attachments:

“It helps the brain form fresh, positive memories with a new partner and form new neural connections, which helps to get rid of some mental baggage from past relationships,” Schiff shared.“It also helps deepen feelings of attachment towards your partner.”

Less Pain, Less Social Anxiety

Being in love is also an excellent way to overcome social fears. According to Schiff, men who are in love care less about how others perceive them as long as their partner is happy.

“Falling in love also deactivates the parts of the brain that govern social judgment and fear,” Schiff says. “So being in love and not caring who knows it is a real phenomenon.”

Also, love is so extraordinary that it acts as a painkiller according to studies!

"Love is so powerful that in laboratory tests, it reduces pain by half," says Dr. Jarred Younger, Ph.D. (Neuroscientist & Professor)