Kaley Cuoco Rocks Tight Spandex For Big Ball Run

Kaley Cuoco was today big-time put through her paces as her workout took her indoors, out, and included a giant heavy ball. The 35-year-old sitcom star was quick to update stories for her 6.7 million Instagram followers on Monday, kicking off the week to an energetic start and busting out major cardio to keep herself in tip-top shape.

Kaley, who has made pandemic headlines for unusual workouts not limited to kitchen ones, went more conventional, also included an accessory. Check it out below.

No Pain, No Gain

Kaley Cuoco indoor workout photo

Scroll for the video. Kaley had made sure to tag Ryan Sorensen, who this year spilled the details on The Big Bang Theory star's workout routines as he opened up on The Today Show.

Kaley was initially seen indoors and rapidly running on the spot - well, up and down, as she used a slightly-raised block to work herself even harder. The girl behind Penny, who has been rocking designer dresses for her 2021 magazine shoots, was all in black, wearing her favorite leggings wardrobe, plus a dark top and sneakers.

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Also fashioning a push-up-style workout in before heading outside, Kaley then ditched her garage-set treadmill for a workout that technically costs nothing - minus the fancy trainer. The blonde was seen running through a Los Angeles street near her $12 million Hidden Hills home, and it wasn't an easy-going jog.

Carrying a giant black and likely-weighted ball, the actress wrote: "@ryan_sorensen also he's taunting me" as she huffed, puffed, and ran towards the camera with her long hair blowing around her.

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Kaley, who also boxed in her tank as she wore black fingerless gloves, did send out a smile as she ran, but she has been open about one aspect of fitness that leaves her totally exasperated.

"If I get a little bit bored, I'll switch over to SoulCycle, which I love, too," she told Women's Health in 2018. "It's all or nothing. I'm hot or cold. I'm not a gray area. So if I'm doing yoga, we're doing it every day this week ...Then I'm like, 'Oh my god, I have to switch.'"

Cutting Out 'Crap' In Her Diet

Kaley's husband Karl Cook is known for growing his own vegetables - Kaley regularly showcases the meals to her social media, although she has revealed that healthy eating wasn't always the status quo. Prior to marrying Karl in 2018, Kaley was married to tennis player Ryan Sweeting. Admitting that "the drawers next to the bed were filled with candy," the actress confirmed changing her ways in 2015, saying:

"Our refrigerator and pantry have completely changed because we don't eat crap anymore. No more soda, chips, cereal."