Miley Cyrus Tells Family To 'Unfollow' With Underwear Snap

Miley Cyrus smiles close up

Miley Cyrus is hanging around in blue underwear and suggesting that her family "unfollow" her Instagram. The 28-year-old singer, followed by 134 million, last night posted a particularly racy selfie with a mirror view, sending out her famous figure and her sense of humor as she also gave a nod to her famous family members. Miley, who currently has her Instagram hashtag limited after 2020-shared and self-posted nip slips, seemed undeterred by Instagram raising an eyebrow. See what she shared below.

Suggests They 'Unfollow'

Miley Cyrus with Brandi and Tish indoors

Scroll for the photo, one that comes less than a year after dad Billy Ray Cyrus gished over the daughter he's "real proud of." Miley, who has already made underwear headlines this month for her reveal that 2013 VMAs trolling still stings, had snapped herself close up, by both a regular wall and small circular mirror, and showing off while in a lacy blue thong.

Miley offered more than just her figure, though, taking to her caption with sass and a fair amount of wit.

Keep Scrolling For The Photo

The "Midnight Sky" singer took to caps, writing: "PROBABLY A GOOD TIME FOR MY FAMILY TO UNFOLLOW MY -SS," also adding: "LITERALLY."

Miley offered nothing else as her Monday night stories went live, but the photo was quickly re-posted to fan accounts, where posts have been covering Miley claping back at "turkey" comments over her VMAs twerk. The singer said: "Ya'll scarred me w that turkey bs." She even added a "GOBBLE GOBBLE" and skeleton holding up a turkey. More photos after the snap.

Instagram Hashtag Remains Limited

Miley Cyrus tee selfie indoors

In 2020, and while attending the Marc Jacobs New York Fashion Week show, Miley made headlines for exposing her chest and happily sharing the shots to social media. Instagram, which has a no-nudity policy, appears to have put a blocker on the singer as a result, with #mileycyrus no longer populating the 7 million+ results. Instead, fans just see largely old and wholesome photos of the former Disney star.

Miley is gaining respect in other areas, though, particularly as she supports PRIDE this month. More below.

On Her 'Superpower'

Making a statement this month as she partnered up with ice-cream giant Magnum, the blonde revealed what she values the most about people.

"The greatest super-power we have is our individuality," she said, adding: "As I've evolved as an artist, I've been able to explore the different layers of who I am and what brings me pleasure - whether I'm writing, in the studio, performing on stage for thousands of fans or wearing something that makes me feel empowered."

The virtual concert aired June 10.