Sommer Ray Expands Her Empire With This Plant-Based Product

Rebecca Cukier

Sommer Ray is expanding her empire, today announcing a major new launch. The 24-year-old fitness model and social media sensation already has a strong grip on retail via her popular Sommer Ray's Shop, and it looks like the Colorado native is tapping into the biggest money-maker around - beauty. On Friday, Sommer updated for her 26.5 million Instagram followers to break the news, sharing a sultry bed shot and a lengthy caption explaining her new venture and why her fanbase should shop it. Check it out below.

Not Just Clothes

Scroll for the photo. Sommer Ray's Shop, considering marketing genius by many as the star cuts costs via IG promos and also flogs the trendy merch on TikTok, is now getting a sister brand via the blonde's new IAMRAIS Beauty. 

The photo showed Ray unclothed and covered only in the plant-based gummies she's now retailing as she lay on a white-sheet bed and gazed deep into the camera lens. Dotted all around Sommer were more gummies, with a caption then explaining what's going on.

Scroll For The Photo

Opening with her trademark lower-case caps, Sommer wrote: "hiiii my babies! so everyday i feel motivated to be my most authentic self & express positivity & only bring you guys things i’m passionate about & believe in. often i’m asked for my skincare routine, but i’m reluctant to answer because traditional skin care hasn’t really worked for me."

She then revealed that the gummies have been in the works the past "year," saying she wanted to work "smarter, not harder for my skin care." More after the snap.


Hyping fans up, the model continued with a "drum roll please," adding:

"Introducing: @imaraisbeauty by Sommer Ray
~ Plant-based Skin Care Gummies ~"

Sommer said she created the gummies "for people who want to reclaim their skin care routine. it's time for science-backed skin care that’s smart, simple and sustainable." The mindset is simple: "Because what you put on your body is a topical solution, but what you put in your body, that is the true solution."

A strong reminder was then sent - basically, it's not just for girls. More photos below.

Catching Men And Women

Sommer, this year expanding Sommer Ray's Shop to include unisex sweats, added: "Don't be thinking this is just for the ladies," stating that "MEN NEED GOOD SKIN TOO!!"

A "limited collection" was promised as part of the initial roll-out, with the ex to rapper Machine Gun Kelly encouraging her followers to pre-order. The brand has an Instagram account, one that already boasts nearly 2,000 followers since the announcement was made under an hour ago. The gummies are PETA-approved, vegan, and cruelty-free.