Savannah Chrisley's Gym Car Selfie Unappreciated By Instagram

Savannah Chrisley close up
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Savannah Chrisley is facing a tough crowd as her 2.2 million Instagram followers leave very mixed reviews to her latest car selfie. The 23-year-old reality star was yesterday all smiles as she snapped herself in a gorgeous and low-key shot, one seeing the Georgia-born star all ready for the gym and taking a moment to check in with fans. Savannah, who launched her SASSY by Savannah cosmetics brand in December 2020, has since faced multiple accusations of Botox, fillers, and surgery. It looks like they're back.

'Baby Blues'

Savannah Chrisley car selfie

Scroll for the photo. Savannah had actually opted out of tagging or mentioning her own brand, one that offers a $22 Full Face Palette, $14 Eye Kit, and $12 Lip Kit. The daughter to 52-year-old Todd Chrisley was showing off her lash lift/tint, tagging Nashville-based makeup artist Jennifer Tsourvakas Nielsen, a.k.a. Jen of all Trades.

The photo showed Savannah all blue-eyed and gorgeous as she wore a clingy gray-blue sports bra, gold necklace, and her trademark black baseball cap finish while shooting the camera a knowing gaze.

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The Chrisley Knows Best star, wearing a little makeup as she showcased plump lips, flawless cheekbones, and her signature blue eyes, took tom her caption, writing: "Baby blues," adding: "Oh and this lash lift/tint @the_jen_of_all_trades."

A fan sending Savannah the thumbs-up asked who cuts and colors her hair, but it wasn't all smooth-sailing as remarks over the blonde's appearance turned ugly. "You've exceeded your plastic surgery," the top comment now reads. "Holy photo edit," another added. Savannah was also told to "stay away from the Botox."

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Savannah Chrisley car selfie

While many fans sent love, those preferring a more natural look continued to voice their opinions. "Girl u look so pretty with no makeup on I hope u don't take dat wrong," one wrote.

There was clapping back, too, though not from Chrisley herself. The surgery comment brought one user writing: "Says the person hiding behind a phone with no picture." Another retorted: "Jealous much." Savannah has been receiving comments suggesting she's had Botox - dad Todd, meanwhile, has admitted to getting the treatment. More photos below.

Makeup Line Sells Out

Savannah is currently enjoying massive success with SASSY, a brand touted as better than Kylie Jenner's one by fans, who largely leave five-star reviews. The Full Face Palette is nearly always sold out, with Savannah last year explaining why she founded her brand.

"There have been days to where I have been so insecure but I can throw on makeup and just feel a little bit better about myself," she wrote, adding: "I was tired of spending a fortune on makeup! Completely unnecessary and unrealistic."