AnnaLynne McCord Battles Anxiety In Icy Bath

AnnaLynne McCord with curly hair smiling close up
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AnnaLynne McCord revealed how she gives her mental and physical health a boost from the comfort of her own bathroom. However, most people would likely find it difficult to endure, as it requires a long period of being uncomfortable. In an Instagram video, the 33-year-old 90210 star demonstrated how she chills out in a bathtub full of nearly freezing water. 

AnnaLynne rocked a cute bikini for her icy soak. She claimed that the immersion offered myriad benefits, and many of her followers were impressed by how long she remained in the tub.

The Cold Doesn't Bother Her

AnnaLynne McCord wears blue top and skirt on the red carpet
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Keep scrolling for the video. AnnaLynne channeled ice princess Elsa by submerging her body in water with a frigid temperature of 42 degrees Fahrenheit. In her caption, the actress celebrated the length of time she stayed in the bathtub, revealing that she managed to break the 20-minute mark. A digital timer attached to a towel rack backed her up.

AnnaLynne revealed that she's been building up her tolerance to the cold since October of last year. In her sped-up video, she mostly remained still with her arms floating at her sides. However, she occasionally turned around to glance up at the clock.

A Summery Swimsuit


While AnnaLynne was feeling chilly, she looked ready for a hot girl summer in a pale orange bikini that boasted a white floral print. Her bottoms had a strappy scrunched style, and her top featured a lace-up detail. She wore a matching solid headband with a knotted design. 

A large purple crystal sat on the corner of the tub, and AnnaLynne was burning incense in a  jar beside it. In her caption, she revealed that she was also doing "holotropic breathwork" while she sat in the cold bath. 

So What Are The Benefits Of Cold Immersion?

AnnaLynne McCord wearing pink bikini top
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According to AnnaLynne, cold immersion combats anxiety and improves mental health.

"Continued cold exposure combined with holotropic breathwork has been studied and found to support the decrease of depression, rumination, mood instability and excessive cortisol and adrenaline production," she wrote. 

The Nip/Tuck star also touted physical benefits of the practice, claiming that it activates the vascular system and boosts the immune system. Some of AnnaLynne's followers were interested in trying it.

"Girl!! 20 minutes?? I can’t even stand one minute to rinse out my hair😭 def need to try to increase my exposure time," read one response to her video.

"Thank you so much for sharing all this information and your personal experience.. I often find it difficult to cope, so I’m going to give this a shot," wrote another fan.

AnnaLynne Is Really Into Health & Wellness


On her Instagram page, AnnaLynne has shared some of the other activities she does to improve her physical and mental health. They include yoga, aerial yoga, and meditation. She also posts about self-care and self-improvement. 

The Unzipped podcast host recently made headlines for revealing that she has been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, which was formerly known as multiple personality disorder. During an appearance on Good Morning America, AnnaLynne explained why she decided to speak out about her diagnosis. 

"I want my quality of life to get better and that’s why I stepped into this healing process … I want to thrive," she said.