Savannah Chrisley Flaunts 'Insane' Vibrating Abs For Lazy Win

Savannah Chrisley close up

Savannah Chrisley is reminding Instagram that workouts can be done with no effort whatsoever. The 23-year-old Chrisley Knows Best star, who fronts both South Beach Diet and Body Revolution, today updated in promo mode for the latter, posting for her 2.2 million followers and showing off equipment she called both "insane" and perfect for anyone who's "lazy." The daughter to 52-year-old Todd Chrisley was all abs in her sports bra, and she even got paid to show off her low-key ab gains. 

'Insane' Vibration

Savannah Chrisley smiles in a tank

Scroll for the video. Savannah, who has made headlines for the "insane" lazy workouts before, was back to showcasing Body Revolution's patch-on devices, ones that can be strapped just about anywhere and, as Savannah told fans, work on your "abs, your arms, and your butt!"

The blonde, who has largely been in the news of late for promoting her new SASSY by Savannah cosmetics line, appeared beautifully made-up and in camo leggings, with a sports bra showing off the star's cheese-grater torso.

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Savannah, saying: "You can literally see the contractions!" wasn't bluffing as a selfie mode camera did, indeed, take in stomach muscles that were pumping around, but Savannah wasn't doing any of the leg work.

"I mean, insane," she continued. "Look at this." 

The post came via stories and will therefore vanish after 24 hours. Savannah does not tend to influence for Body Revolution via permanent posts - it's very possible that the star charges far more for these. Keep scrolling for more photos.

'Pressure' In The Industry

Savannah, who spreads positivity and definitely promotes healthy living via her sweat-drenched boxing workouts and balanced-out home baking sessions, has opened up on the pressures of looking a certain way in Hollywood. In 2019, and while opening up to People, the Southern Belle revealed:

“In this industry, there’s a lot of pressure to look a certain way, to act a certain way,” adding:

“So there was that for sure. But then, it’s also just feeling good about myself and that was the biggest thing. I want to wake up in the morning and feel good."

Running Her Own Show

December 2020 marked Savannah expanding her empire to include her own SASSY cosmetics, ones that have been consistently selling out since dropping ahead of the holidays last year. In particular, has been the sell-out $22 Full Face Palette, one that accompanies a $14 Eye Kit and $12 Lip Kit.

"HOLY COW! WE ARE LIVE AMD THE ORDERS ARE FLOWING IN!!! HURRY AND GO GET ALL THE AMAZING @sassybysavannah PRODUCTS!!" Savannah wrote in November 2020, just one month before the launch date.