Ariel Winter Flaunts Vaccinated Curves In Plunging Ribbed Top

Ariel Winter close up

Ariel Winter has joined the "other side" - the 23-year-old sitcom star is now vaccinated against COVID-19, and she dedicated her weekend Instagram update to marking the milestone. Posting for her 4.5 million followers on Saturday, the actress sent out two gorgeous snaps, her winning smile, and her famous curves, with the post coming captioned "Vaccinated vibes." Ariel, whose pandemic has not been dull with both a kitchen thumb accident and her new Don't Log Off quarantine movie, now has something fresh to celebrate. 

All Jabbed

Scroll for the photos. They come as Ariel makes headlines for a quarantine-set flick, one seeing her both flexing her executive producer muscles and co-starring alongside 25-year-old boyfriend Luke Benward.

Opening her shot with a cocked head while at home, Ariel posed smiling and with her cleavage on show as she wore a skin-tight, blue, and ribbed sweater with long sleeves. Winter rocked a manicure, one that got better shown off as fans swiped to the right to see the girl behind Alex Dunphy gazing ahead.

See Her Stunning Snaps!

Racking up over 150,000 likes in under two hours, the photos came with fans calling Ariel a "queen" and complimenting her on her gorgeous hair. The star made 2020 headlines for going Game of Thrones as she showed off the Marilyn Monroe-like locks from her backyard.

Ariel's pandemic might be loved-up with boyfriend Luke, but it's come with its oops moments. The biggest one, of course, being the star accidentally slicing off her thumb. See the drama after the photos, where you can swipe right.

Accidentally Chopped Off Thumb

Opening up last year, Ariel revealed: "I had chopped four onions just before I chopped this one thing. Chopped four onions and it was great—I just got new knives too," adding: "So I went to chop a peeled tomato and sliced the top part of my thumb off on a peeled tomato."

"I was so shocked,” she continued. “It was more like I was hyperventilating. I was like I should be crying but I just can't believe it.” It didn't end there, though.

Threw It Away!

Winter, who wound up in the hospital as she was treated for the kitchen injury, then revealed where the tip of the thumb ended up.

Speaking of a nurse who attended to her, Ariel said that the nurse "actually just gave [the piece of the thumb] to me in a plastic bag, and didn't like tell me that it was the tip of my thumb, so I accidentally threw it away and we had to go get it." Ariel concluded by guessing it would "be ok."