Savannah Chrisley Hated On In Drenched Bikini Showoff

Savannah Chrisley smiles at an event
Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Savannah Chrisley is getting hate for growing up rich while dripping-wet in a bikini. The 23-year-old reality star and SASSY by Savannah cosmetics founder is currently on vacation in The Bahamas, with her 2.2 million Instagram followers getting invited along for the ride. Savannah has already made headlines for showing off her Louis Vuitton in a stunning bathroom dress selfie and stripping down to swimwear - 52-year-old dad Todd Chrisley did not approve - with the latest bringing a storm as Savannah posted from her hotel pool. Check it out below.

Starts Off Straight-Forward

Scroll for the photo, one that comes as Savannah ramps up the bikini action on her Instagram. The Chrisley Knows Best star, seemingly ignoring Todd telling her she looked like she couldn't afford more fabric via her last bikini post, updated over the weekend while throwing her head back, laughing, and showing off her stunning body.

Savannah, in a swimming pool, was all stringy triangle bikini, golden tan, and rock-hard muscles, with the Southern Belle seemingly at her happiest from the water.

See The Storm

Taking to her caption, the budding makeup star wrote: "May just move to the islands and hope for the best! Haha 🌴🙌🏼☀️ ."

Comments are now seeing the Georgia native targeted for having been raised in wealth by real estate mogul dad Todd. 

"Ohhh the perks of being born into wealth! I know you "work" having your own line but other young adults are working 3 jobs while looking for their dream jobs and paying off student loans!" the user began. See more after the pool snap.

Chrisley's 'Show Off' Wealth

Slamming Savannah and her entire family, the fan added: "You're beautiful and I'm sure very nice. But Chrisley's love to show off their wealth."

The "own line" mentioned by the fan refers to December 2020-dropped SASSY by Savannah, a makeup brand already selling out of its $22 Full Face Palette and one that accompanies a $14 Eye Kit and $12 Lip Kit. Savannah has even mentioned that past hurtful comments about her being raised in wealth were part of the reason she worked hard to keep prices of her merchandise down.

Fan Debate, She Replies

Users are now taking both sides, but the leading comment is backing Savannah. "Just because people work hard and have something to show for it doesn’t mean they don’t go through hard times and problems like anybody else," the fan wrote, telling the blonde to be "proud" of what she's achieved. 

Savannah then responded to the storm, but not to the damning comment, saying she was sorry she'd missed the question... "It's impossible for me to see them all." Others, meanwhile, predicted Todd having tut-tut thoughts about the bikini.