Dove Cameron Flaunts Bruises With Upside-Down Flexibility

Dove Cameron close up

Dove Cameron is back to being a flexible rubber-band, and not without a bare back showing some painful-looking bruises. The 25-year-old actress and singer has been big-time promoting the new release of her latest "LazyBaby" track, with the record following the immense success of 2020-released "We Belong." Dove, whose Instagram following has also shot up since the resurgence of her music career, this weekend posted for her 41.2 million followers with two massive photo dumps, both showing the music and the blonde's killer stretching. Check it out below.

'LazyBaby' Era

Scroll for the flexibility and the bruise. Dove, who made headlines in March for casually plopping herself into the splits and snagging 1 million views in the process, included an array of photos in her Saturday post, ranging from selfies in her silver boots and glitter bra to her latest track hitting a #16 chart spot. 

The former Disney star, who also rocked a Dolce & Gabbana sports bra during filmed hair and makeup prep, then updated with some big bendiness - Dove was on the floor and fashioning herself into a bridge.

See Her Bruise!


The "BUBBLES" post, which was clearly shouting out her upcoming role in Powerpuff Girls, came with plenty of sultry selfie action, plus the Flawless Beauty face reminding her followers of her flexibility. Dove was seen in a black sports bra and matching sweatpants while on the floor, easily rising up into a bridge and arching her back to fully stretch herself out.

The final photo, topless, showed the star photographed from the back, where a big bruise near her shoulder blade caught comments.

Scroll For It!

The "well here we gooo" followed the first photo dump, one that saw Cameron big-time gushing as she told fans:

"You guys !! i can’t believe your wild support level for Lazy Baby it’s truly blowing my mind. i love you so much it’s gone beyond language . feeling seen is such an important part of the human experience and i’m happy to say i feel more seen than ever lately & today has been no exception." See more photos below.

Only Love

Dove, who gushed last year as views to "We Belong" surpassed 20 million, added: "I hope so deeply that you feel tapped in to yourself and in your most powerful and clarified energy when you listen to this song . your support is physically felt and i HOPE you feel mine reaching you wherever you are in the world !!"

Dove's releases also come as she embarks on life as a single woman following splitting from ex of nearly four year Thomas Doherty in October 2020. She announced the breakup in December of last year.