Maren Morris Rocks Brown Underwear For 'Snap Back' Denunciation

Maren Morris smiles close up.
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Maren Morris fans love the talented country singer for her no-nonsense attitude and her tendency to tell it like is, and they were delighted when she shared a refreshing view about embracing her body after giving birth.

Maren, 30, shared a candid photo of what her figure looks like a year after her first pregnancy. She and her husband, singer/songwriter Ryan Hurd, welcomed their baby boy to the world last March, and Maren made the decision to quit sharing photos of her son after getting mommy-shamed. She hasn't, however, stopped posting pics of herself.

Maren Discovers Another Dark Side Of Motherhood

Maren Moriss wears green leggings and crop top
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Keep scrolling to see Maren rocking her underwear with confidence.  

The "Girl" songstress was upset when photos of her son, Hayes, received tons of criticism from people who were quick to judge her parenting skills. In her latest post, she noted that new moms don't just face judgment for how they choose to raise their kids: They also feel immense pressure to return to their post-pregnancy weight as quickly as possible.

"The pressure we put on mothers to 'snap back' is insurmountable and deeply troublesome."

Maren Makes A Promise


Maren did her part to change the way the world treats new moms by making a vow to her Instagram followers. The witty singer's promise was a modern version of folksy wisdom. 

"Am never saying 'trying to get my body back' again. no one took it, i didn’t lose it like a set of keys," she wrote. 

The outspoken star shared a pic that proved that her body is still very much attached to her head, so she doesn't need to go searching for it. She flaunted her amazing physique in a supportive brown bra with a V-shaped neckline and a wide under-bust band. Her matching underwear had a figure-flattering high waistline. She looked at peace while posing on her bed.

Putting The Work In  

Maren Morris sits on the floor
Instagram | Maren Morris

While Maren isn't desperately trying to look like she did before she gave birth, her post included a second photo proving that she is working hard to stay in shape. She was pictured doing an elbow plank on a BOSU balance trainer. To make the core-strengthening exercise more challenging, she was twisting at the waist. In a previous post, Maren revealed that playing tennis is another way she's been staying active as a busy mom, and the sport also allows her to rock some pretty cute workout wear

Maren's Peers Applaud Her Message

Maren's post proved to be popular with her peers, many of whom took to the comments section to let her know that they agree with her assessment of how new moms are treated. Singers RaeLynn, Michelle Branch, and Morgane Stapleton expressed their support with brief messages and emoji, but one of the most liked responses came from Caylee Hammack. 

"It’s ridiculous to think we expect women’s bodies to CREATE AND HOUSE AND BIRTH ANOTHER BODY & then we expect them to bounce back to what it looked like in our early 20s before creating another human," she wrote. "All mothers are miracles. You are beautiful, inside and out, always. This caption is as lovely as you."