Ireland Baldwin Flaunts Magical Undies Inspired By Pastries

Ireland Baldwin at an event
Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

Ireland Baldwin is hanging around with her legs spread to show off her "magical" underwear. The 25-year-old model and daughter to Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger was all undies action on her Instagram ahead of the weekend, with a gorgeous shot of the blonde seeing her slip into her influencer shoes for a little Parade talk. Posting from her home and in a lounge-around snap showing multiple top layers but little in the way of bottoms, Ireland even revealed that her underwear is influenced by something unusual. Check it out below. 

Pistachio & Banana Split

Ireland Baldwin bedroom selfie

Scroll for the photo, one that definitely matched a description in the caption as Ireland referred to colors including pistachio and banana split. 

The snap showed Ireland seated and backed by a pebbled stone wall, fireplace, and cozy leather furnishings. The star was all legs with her 6'1'' frame, seen resting against a stool and wearing a tight white tank top and brown sports top underneath, plus a high-waisted and panel-colored briefs set - sheer pink panels near the yellow block colorway flaunted the model's famous rose hip tattoos.

See The Photo Below!

Rolling her eyes slightly upwards, Ireland posed showing off a slim and healthy figure, also wearing socks. 

"These @parade undies are magical 💖 So soft, comfy, and cute to lounge around in. This Cafe Parade line was inspired by soft pastels and pastries with available colors like pistachio and banana split. 🍌 Use my discount Ireland20 to get 20% off your own," she wrote. 

"Good sitting by the fire undies," a fan quickly replied, although another responded: "I don't get it." See more photos after the shot!

What's The Influencer Pay?

Ireland didn't #ad her post. The disclaimer required by Instagram for promotional content doesn't appear necessary when the agenda is clear, which the promo code hinted at. As to pay, experts at Vox have said:

"Influencers with up to 1 million followers can get $10,000 [per post], depending on the platform, and 1 million followers and up, you’re getting into territory where they can charge $100,000. Some can even get $250,000 for a post!"

See more photos below!

Eggs On Her Waffles

Ireland, who made 2020 headlines for announcing she's free of eating disorder behaviors, is fresh from showcasing her own food, with a mouth-watering-looking waffles platter coming complete with an egg on top. "If you're not a savory waffle person, then you're really missing out," Ireland wrote five days ago.

Ireland got a call from her old program last year. "Today marks six years that I have been free of anorexia and bulimia and all of my other food compulsion and eating disorders that I struggled through for many years," she told fans, adding that if she can do it, you can "too."