'RHONJ' Star Melissa Gorga Reveals 'Pain' In Marriage To Joe

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga revealed the 'pain' regarding her marriage to husband Joe in a new teaser trailer for an upcoming episode of the Bravo series.

E! News reported that during a girls' trip to Lake George, Melissa admitted she had trust issues with Joe to her female pals and Joe's sister, Teresa Giudice.

Her remarks came in response to Dolores Catania's statement in which she revealed there was a time in her life where she couldn't leave her men because she was afraid they would cheat on her if she was gone.


Melissa's Stunning Remarks Surprise Her Pals

Melissa admitted, "That's me, I'm like that still. He puts the fear of God in you. He's like, 'So you're gonna go with your friends? OK, I'm gonna go out too.' And it makes it so uneasy for me."

Co-star Jennifer Aydin was surprised by Melissa's statement. She claimed that it was surprising to her because if her husband Bill wants to go out she is okay with it. She shared she just tells him to text her on his way home.

Melissa continued that pal Margaret Josephs knows her pain with this, as she had spoken to her about the topic previously. 

"He gets jealous," she said of Joe.

Melissa Was Questioned By Her Pals Regarding Her Comment

Jennifer claimed that if her pal was in a healthy marriage there should be trust between partners. 

She asked in the clip posted on the E! website, "Why would you want to live your life on pins and needles always worrying about somebody? I wouldn't want to live life like that."

Teresa put a funny spin on the conversation. She relayed a story about the time she attended a strip club with a friend and found Joe there on the phone with Melissa.



Teresa Was Once Asked By Joe To Cover For Him

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Melissa jumped in with her own commentary.

She recalled that she asked her husband where he was, and he admitted he was with his sister.

"So I go, 'Oh, you're with your sister? That's good. What are you guys doing?' He goes, 'Talk to Teresa,'" she laughed.

Teresa said she wanted nothing to do with their spay.

She continued the story and said, "My brother's like, 'You need to tell her we're not here.' And I'm like, 'You f**king a**hole. Why are you getting me involved in this?!'"



Melissa Spoke About The Couple's Struggles In A Prior Interview

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Melissa spoke to E! News about the difficulties she and Joe had faced while quarantining throughout the pandemic.

"There's a lot of relationship drama this season, there really is," Melissa told E! News. "A lot of our relationships were probably a little challenged over the pandemic. You're spending so much more time alone with your husbands and you get to know each other even more than you thought you knew each other, you know?"

She continued, "But we're fighting through it because we've been together since we're very young. I mean, I've been with Joe since I'm 24 years old and he's all I know. So with my independence, I think really stresses him out. So it's just a learning process on how to get through this stage of life."