Vicky Aisha Flashes Thick Booty In Thong Teddy & Platform Heels

Vicky Aisha poses seductively against a red backdrop while wearing black leather lingerie and matching gloves.
Instagram | Vicky Aisha
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Buxom bombshell Vicky Aisha showcased her sensational curves in a new Instagram update that gave fans plenty to see and loads to talk about. The Aussie tattoo model and aerialist was a vision in pink, spotlighting her ample booty in a thong teddy made out of see-through lace. She rocked powder-pink platform boots and a matching pastel wig, keeping the theme going as she posed against a hot-pink backdrop that flattered her fair skin and made her impressive body art pop. Check out the hot pic below.

Bootylicious Babe

Vicky Aisha poses on her kness in thong lingerie and platform heels.
Instagram | Vicky Aisha

While Vicky's prominent backside clearly dominated attention as it took up nearly half of the frame, all of her curvaceous assets were on display in the flirty shot. The babe teased her chest as she looked over her shoulder, flashing a tantalizing glimpse of sideboob. The strappy lingerie had a sheer back, teasing even more skin as it clung to her midsection. It also boasted a sexy high cut, which showed off the model's thick thighs in addition to baring her juicy buns.  


Vicky Strikes A Sultry Pose

Vicky Aisha snaps a cleavage-flaunting selfie in pink lace lingerie.
Instagram | Vicky Aisha

The 28-year-old channeled her inner seductress as she got down on her knees and peered into the camera with an intense, alluring stare. Her plump lips were parted in a provocative expression. She sat on her heels, parting her feet in a way that allowed her audience to admire her sleek stilettos. 

Vicky placed one hand on her knee, calling attention to her elaborate thigh ink that also sprawled across her hip and buttock. Her shiny hair sported coquettish braids and spilled over her shoulder and down her back, wrapping around her bosom and grazing her waist.

Playing Around With Lights

Vicky Aisha experiments with pink lighting while wearing matching lingerie and wig.
Instagram | vicky_aisha_2

The smokeshow was snapped on a fuzzy throw that coordinated with the vibrant background. She added a whimsical touch by using a neon-pink spotlight that flooded the room with a warm, dazzling light. 

The model got candid in her caption, revealing the hilarious method she used to go around her ankle injury while adjusting the lighting. 

"I didn’t stand up this whole shoot haha just crawled over every time I needed to move the light haha."

Fans commiserated with the model in the comments section.

"I don't blame ya, I'd be scared to break something again after that surgery too!" said one person.

Vicky shared more pics from the sultry photoshoot both on her primary and secondary Instagram accounts. 

"Played around with some fun lighting, what do you think?" she wrote on Instagram

Vicky Loves Fun Lighting 

Vicky Aisha poses in a dark room flooded with green lighting and smoke effects.
Instagram | Vicky Aisha

This was not the first time that Vicky has experimented with colorful lighting in her photoshoots. Last year, the stunner spoiled fans with a spooky and eerie Halloween shoot by setting up a ghostly atmosphere with green lights and smoke effects. The blond beauty smoldered in black leather lingerie, fishnet thigh highs, and bat-shaped garters, going the extra mile by posing with a life-size skeleton decoration.

A more recent Instagram upload saw Vicky flaunting her cheeky side in neon lingerie while posing in a blue-lit room. In her caption, the model quipped that she was "feeling blue" and asked fans for series recommendations to binge on, revealing she was a WandaVision fan.