'World's Hottest Nurse' Lauren Drain Flaunts Her Fit Physique In A Skimpy Coral Bikini

Ava Bennet

Blond bombshell Lauren Drain, who many refer to as the "world's hottest nurse," tantalized her 3.7 million Instagram followers with her most recent post. She included the geotag of Las Vegas, Nevada in the picture, which is her home base. However, the background of the shot looked a whole lot more exotic than the Las Vegas Strip.

She walked along a pathway with a large stone path surrounded by smaller rocks in a natural pattern. Lush greenery encroached from both sides of the frame, with thin fronds obscuring some of her incredible figure.

Muscular Mama

Lauren showed off her incredible curves in a coral bikini top that had a simple yet insanely sexy silhouette. The garment had a scooped neckline that showed off a tantalizing amount of cleavage, and thick straps that extended over her shoulders, leaving her toned arms exposed.

The top had a zipper detail on the front with the zipper in the same gorgeous coral hue. It was zipped all the way up, but the bottom of the bikini top couldn't contain all of Lauren's ample assets, showing off a hint of underboob.

Bikini Babe

Her flat stomach was on full display in the garment, and her bronzed skin looked stunning against the peachy coral hue of her two-piece swimsuit.

The bottoms likewise had a simple style, dipping low in the front and stretching high over her hips on either side. The sides were thick, and the style elongated her muscular legs. 

The fabric of her swimsuit had a bit of a sheen to it that caught the light, drawing even more attention to her killer curves as she posed for the snap.

Mirror, Mirror

Her long blond locks were styled in a side part, and the tresses tumbled down her chest in tousled waves. She had one hand resting on a plant nearby and the other hovered in the air as she gazed seductively at the camera. Her lips were parted and a sultry expression played across her features as she posed for the shot. 

Lauren implied in the caption that the sexy image had been captured during one of her many photoshoots, and teased her followers with the promise that she has "so many photos" that have yet to be shared on her Instagram page.

Fit And Flawless

Lauren's audience absolutely loved the steamy share, and the post racked up over 27,600 likes within 17 hours of going live. 

"That color on you," one fan wrote, followed by a flame emoji, complimenting the blond bombshell.

"If you ever do calendars or posters again, add this one to them!" another follower chimed in. 

Lauren is no stranger to showing off her fit physique on Instagram. She loves to flaunt her figure in skimpy bikinis, but she also frequently gives her fans a peek into her fitness model side by sharing clips or pictures that show off her muscles. Fans who want more information about how to get a body like hers can check out her website, where she sells various training programs and meal plans.