Angeline Varona Shows Off Her ‘Gains’ In An Animal-Print Bikini In New Video

Angeline Varona wears a light green bikini in a mirror selfie.
Instagram | Angeline Varona
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Brunette bombshell Angeline Varona tantalized her 2.9 million Instagram followers with her latest update, an eye-popping video in which she flaunted her buxom curves. The Latina rocked a skimpy animal-print bikini for the short clip, and her voluptuous assets were on full display.

Whether in a video or a photo, Angeline loves to show off her hourglass figure in revealing outfits. Just a week ago, as The Inquisitr reported, the model shared a racy Instagram post where she was topless, wearing only a thong.

She Loves To Record Her Progress

Angeline Varona stands on the edge of an infinity pool while holding a bottled drink.
Instagram | Angeline Varona

The place looked like a hotel room. Longtime followers of the influencer know that Angeline enjoys traveling, and most of the time, she visits tropical places, as seen in many of her uploads on social media.

She took the smoking-hot reel inside a well-lit room. She stood in front of a full-body mirror in nothing but her swimwear. The babe held her phone in her left hand while she struck several poses, filming herself.

At first, she flaunted the front side of her body. Then she turned around to showcase her perky buns and how they grew from working out. She gazed into the screen the whole time, smiling and feeling proud.

She Looks Phenomenal In A Bikini

Angeline Varona wears an outrageously tiny bikini and poses for the camera.
Instagram | Angeline Varona

Angeline flaunted her physique in a sexy bikini set that left her viewers stunned. The top boasted itty-bitty triangle cups that struggled to contain her ample breasts, showing a hint of her sideboob from certain angles. However, the top was fully lined and secured her nipples. The neckline also offered a generous view of her cleavage.

She sported a pair of scanty bottoms with a pretty low-cut waistline that accentuated her midsection, particularly her flat tummy and abs. The strings of the thong were tied on the sides of her waist, highlighting the curves of her hips.

She Takes Lots Of Sexy Selfies

Angeline Varona takes a mirror selfie in a bright red bikini.
Instagram | Angeline Varona

Angeline loves to take mirror selfies, especially when she’s in a bikini or when she’s all dolled up. The Bang Energy elite moved to her new apartment just over a month ago, and since then, she has made a lot of content just by taking snaps through her phone.

Angeline wore minimal accessories in the clip. She sported her stud earrings as her only jewelry. As for the hairstyle, she tied all her locks in a bun, keeping her body free from her long hair. Her nails were manicured and painted in dark red polish.

She’s A Wild One

Angeline Varona poses on a balcony at night in a light pink teddy,
Instagram | Angeline Varona

Angeline added the song “Moon” by Kid Francescoli to the video. While she didn’t dance, she looked like she was feeling the beat.

She shared that her bathing suit was from a brand called Leucoco. She added a tag for the online shop in the caption.

In less than 24 hours, the newest bikini share received more than 103,000 likes and earned upward of 1,400 comments from her fellow influencers and followers.

"Wow! They look HUGE! I love it! Perfection," a fan commented.

"You are happier now, and I am happy for you. You look even hotter! Keep it up, girl," quipped another Instagram user.