Jen Selter Flaunts Tight Booty In A Pink Thong While Doing A Handstand Leg Split

Caitlin Albers

Jen Selter is showing off her incredible figure in a revealing new Instagram snap. The model's 12.6 million followers were given quite the treat on February 6 when she posed in just a pink bra and thong while doing a handstand outside.

The 27-year-old shared a very short Boomerang video to her feed that captured her in the difficult position. Jen did a split while holding the handstand and bent one of her knees just a little bit. One of her feet was pressed up against a large wooden column, which prevented her from falling over. It wasn't the position that was jaw-dropping, but rather Jen's outfit.

The fitness guru wore a tiny thong, which was almost impossible to discern thanks to her leg kick. The panties had super thin straps that ran along her sides, but no other parts of the garment could be seen. The thong was paired with a pink bra that also had thin straps that ran down her back. Jen flashed a tiny amount of sideboob as her side profile was photographed.

Jen's famous behind stole the show, as her leg kick flexed her tight rump. Her legs also looked incredibly strong as she performed her split with the ocean and cloudy sky behind her.

The upload brought in over 51,000 likes in just a few hours, as well as 300 plus comments. Fans of the social media star filled the comments section with compliments, most of which focused on her famous behind.

"Your so fit it's crazy, way to go girl!" one fan wrote.

"You are always so hot in your pictures and videos," another commented.

"I'm lookin at them cheeks from a different perspective," a third follower added.

"You are seriously impressive," a fourth admirer wrote.

The comments section also filled up with emoji which included multicolored hearts, suns, and peaches to symbolize her pert derriere.

Jen isn't shy about showing off her enviable physique on Instagram. Just last week she wowed her followers when she posed in a black halter top bikini. Her cheeky bottoms highlighted her tight booty, which she rocked from side to side in the video. Jen posed on the beach at sunset for the hot post, which was watched over 188,000 times.