January 28, 2021
Gabby Allen Flaunts Fabulous Figure From All Angles In Blue Bikini

Former Love Island contestant Gabby Allen kept it real in her most recent Instagram post when she uploaded a short video of herself looking smoking hot in a tiny bikini.

Gabby's swimsuit was light blue with neon green straps. The top had triangle-shaped cups and the bottoms were a classic bikini cut with a thong back.

The popular influencer styled her short blond locks straight and in a side part.

She sported a pale blue polish on her fingernails and her only accessory was a fitness watch.

Gabby's post was all about body positivity. In a lengthy caption, she explained how she accentuated her figure with angles.

The video began with her standing inside while facing the lens. She stood with one hip cocked to the side while she tugged on the straps on her bottoms. She then dropped her arms and straightened her legs while smiling at the camera. The pose showed off the difference in how her abs and thighs looked.

Gabby then turned to the side and cocked one hip while standing with one leg in front of the other. She gazed at the lens, adjusting her pose and pulling on the straps. The stance accentuated her pert derrière and flat waist. She looked behind her while raising her shoulder in a flirty fashion before pushing her hair away from the sides of her face.

The celebrity then showed the difference the pose made by putting her legs together and placing her arms by her sides before smiling at the camera. She then turned toward the lens and shook her shoulders while smiling just before the clip ended.

The post was popular among Gabby's fan base, with more than 70,000 of her followers hitting the heart button in just one hour.

Dozens of admirers took to the comments section to dole out the compliments and thank her for keeping it real.

"I think you look beautiful and you should be very proud of what you have achieved," one comment read.

"You look so fit from every and all angles, posed or not," wrote a second fan, adding a heart-eye smiley face to their words.

"You look Fabulous from every angle," a third follower echoed.

"I have a very short torso and hip dips too and it bothers me so much! Seeing so many beautiful women all over Instagram, it's hard not to compare yourself. This is so lovely to see! Thank you!" added a fourth user.

Earlier this month, Gabby showed off her fit physique while in Dubai. She wore in a white bikini that complemented her tan skin tone.