Bruna Rangel Lima Spills Out Of The Top Of Her Shimmery Bikini While Getting Her Tan On In Los Angeles

Bruna Rangel Lima brought some heat to her Instagram feed on January 26 with a sizzling new bikini shot, and her fans have quickly taken notice.

The model was pictured sitting on a patch of grass. The setting featured a stone house and a square window with a black outline. A tall palm tree could be seen in the reflection of its glass. According to the geotag, she was in Los Angeles, California.

An abundance of sunshine spilled over her figure, indicating that it was another perfect day in Southern California. She sat on the ground and bent one of her legs at an angle. Bruna balanced her weight on her arms while tilting her head to the side and gazing at the camera.

She sported a tiny suit that left little to the imagination. The garment boasted a shimmery black fabric that complemented her bronze glow. Its straight neckline was low on her bust, and her chest almost came spilling out of the top. The halterneck-style suit had a pair of thin straps that were tight on her shoulders. They secured around the back of her neck, helping put Bruna's muscular biceps fully on display.

She showed even more skin by rocking a pair of skimpy bottoms. The front featured a deep V, high-rise design that plunged well below her sculpted abs. Its thick straps fit snugly on Bruna's hips, helping highlight her hourglass curves. Her shapely thighs were also in full view of the camera.

Bruna parted her hair in the center and her chestnut waves spilled over one side of her shoulders and chest. The model accessorized with a dainty necklace that featured a circular charm. The trendy accessory grazed the top of her cleavage and drew further attention to her bombshell curves.

In her caption, Bruna shared with her audience that she was teaming up with The Image Center to give away some treatments. She tagged their page and a few others while she instructed fans to follow the accounts for more details.

Bruna's fans were thrilled with the post. More than 15,000 social media users double-tapped the update while over 130 left comments.

"Hello bruna you are gorgeous," one fan commented alongside two red hearts.

"Beauty with a side of fries," a second follower chimed in.

"How ever the most dazzling and stunning and sensual and beautiful," another person wrote, with the addition of a few flames.

"So beautiful. This is my favorite post notification of all time," one more added.