WWE's Charlotte Flair Flaunts Her Enviable Assets In Low-Cut Blazer & Tiny Mini Skirt

WWE superstar Charlotte Flair took to Instagram this weekend and reminded her followers why she's known as "The Queen." The 12-time former Women's Champion took a break from dominating her opponents in the middle of the ring to show off her glamorous side, much to the delight of her 4.4 million followers.

Flair uploaded a collection of photos that saw her put on a leggy and cleavage-baring display in what appeared to be the backstage area of the WWE arena. Her outfit for the occasion was a flattering purple blazer that featured a low-cut that extended from her neckline to the chest area. She topped off the attire with a matching skirt and some shiny jewelry.

The first snap saw Flair bring her style and glamor to dingy surroundings, as she leaned against a mesh gate that guarded a storage cupboard full of boxes and other appliances. However, it was "The Queen" and her fashionable outfit that captured most of the attention.

The second and third photos, meanwhile, were almost the exact same as the first. The wrestler's fans didn't seem to mind the repetition given how good she looked in the pics, however.

For the fourth photo, Flair vacated her previous location and walked down the corridor, holding each arm outstretched as the camera transfixed on her perfect physique. The wrestler's black heels were also on display for the first time in this pic.

In the final upload, Flair returned to the mesh gate, only in this instance, she leaned her right hand against it while she casually posed for the photographer. Flair oozed confidence in all of the shots, but this one saw her in a very smiley mood as well.

Flair's fans appreciated the shares. The snaps have received over 145,000 likes at the time of this writing. Furthermore, thousands of her fans and peers took a moment to enter the comments section and let her know how much they enjoyed her collection.

"You look outrageous!! And that suit --- wooooooooooo," wrote one Instagram user.

"Purple is for royalty," stated a second Instagrammer.

"Can I have an autograph?! I'd also be happy with one training session," wrote one of the more audacious Instagram users in the comments section.

Flair has treated her fans to numerous well-received uploads in recent weeks. As previously documented, she celebrated the holiday season in a tiny dress and black boots, laughing hysterically as she was captured in the frame.