Rachel Cook Shows Out In Skimpy Black Lingerie Ensemble

Model/content creator Rachel Cook continues to rock her 3 million Instagram followers with ultra-revealing snapshots. On Friday afternoon, the body and mind behind Nirvana Magazine dished out another serving of eye candy with a stunning three-pic slideshow.

Throughout the provocative pictorial, Cook sported a black lingerie set and flashed a series of smoldering facial expressions. The 26-year-old's skimpy nightwear set excelled in accentuating her slight, yet sinuous frame, as well as her shapely assets.

In the caption, Cook asked her fans about their weekend plans. She also implored them to check out her personal website in order to see a "personal show."

Meanwhile, the sneak preview she offered in the slideshow had already rendered them awestruck. In less than 30 minutes after going live, the update had already racked up more than 30,000 likes. Moreover, the comments section was bombarded with replies praising the sultry presentation.

"You look absolutely gorgeous Rachel," one avid supporter wrote.

"She very well may be the most beautiful woman on the planet," a second commenter concurred.

"You are the perfect woman," a third follower opined. "...A monument to beauty [rose and heart emoji]."

"Always beautiful," a fourth devotee raved. "and the best perfect amazing poses."

In the first photo, Cook looked to be kneeling with both knees bent as she was snapped from the side by the camera. Her back was curved slightly, which pushed her perky bosom out before her. Her taut, gym-honed posterior stuck out at her rear near the lower edge of the frame.

Both areas of her slender physique were barely covered by her bra and panties, respectively. Meanwhile, her slight midsection was encircled by a matching black garter belt from which an unhooked strap dangled on her left side.

With her head tilted backward, her medium-length mane tickling her shoulders and her magenta-hued lips open to reveal her upper teeth, the Seattle, Washington, native stared suggestively at the lens.

She struck a similar pose in the second and third snapshots in the series, with a handful of minor differences. In the second snap, her head rested in a more neutral position while the gap between her lips had lessened somewhat. She also teased an impish grin while her eyes continued to project the same sheer sensuality.

For the final picture, she had turned her attention away from the camera and was looking purposefully ahead, offering an impressive shot of her profile in the process.

Earlier this week, Cook gave off serious "girl next door" vibes while flaunting her flawless figure in a burgundy lingerie set.