Donny Osmond Thrills Fans With Exciting New Gig Announcement On Instagram

Lucille Barilla

Donny Osmond thrilled fans with an exciting new gig announcement on Instagram. He was a guest DJ on SiriusXM and played songs that were meaningful to him, including his versions of some popular tunes from the 1970s.

The singer explained that he and his brothers had their first No. 1 hit in 1971 with the song "One Bad Apple." Donny relayed that the clan was listening to the late radio host Casey Kasem to find out if their record had advanced from the third spot on the charts. Their father, George, told them to shut the radio off because they had to attend church.

The family attended the service, only to return home and find their song had not remained at the No. 3 spot but had moved to No. 1 on the charts.

In an accompanying snap on Instagram, Donny held a copy of his first solo album, which was also released that same year. He appeared to be on a stage as he held it, where a headshot of the then-14-year-old was prominently displayed on the cover. He was wearing a red shirt. That recording would hit No. 13 on the charts and produce the iconic single "Sweet & Innocent."

He also said during the broadcast that he played his version of Stevie Wonder's "My Wish" for the singer and told him he was interested in doing a cover of the same tune in a duet with Michael Jackson. A studio was booked, and in three weeks, the two longtime friends were set to record together for the first time. However, the session would eventually be delayed and sadly, not happen at all -- a great regret of Donny's.

Donny also relayed how he knew his wife of almost 43 years, Debbie, was something special when they attended an Elton John concert together in the 1970s. At the time, she was actually on a date with his older brother, Jay. After telling the story, Donny segued into the legend's "Your Song."

Fans loved the throwback snap and the chance to learn even more about the entertainer, who has been in the public eye for over 58 years.

"I have this and I love it," penned one user.

"I still have that album and my daughter bought me a purple record player for Christmas!!" remarked a second follower.

"Will be tuning in for some '70's music and memories," wrote a third Instagram user.

"I had that! I mainly dressed in purple too," claimed a fourth fan.