January 21, 2021
Celeste Bright Shows Off Her Petite Booty While Taking Over The Driver's Seat: 'Get In'

Celeste Bright took to Instagram on Thursday morning with a suggestive share that thrilled her 745,000 followers. The stunning blond model displayed a commanding attitude from the driver's seat of a gorgeous sport utility vehicle while wearing a teensy, revealing outfit that left fans wanting more. It took only four hours for the post to rack up over 12,000 likes.

Celeste wore a white off-the-shoulder bandeau top with long, billowing sleeves and a feminine ruffle around the top. The fabric was seemingly loosely woven with a fine thread through which the deep bronzed shade of her tan showed.

She paired the skimpy shirt with a minuscule skirt featuring a purple-and-turquoise tie-dye pattern printed with the outlines of a few large black butterflies. It had a high side slit that exposed her thigh all the way to her hip and was short enough to leave a bit of her rounded backside visible beneath the fluttered hem.

The slouched edges of her tie-dye socks could be seen peeking out from the floor of the SUV in which she posed. The truck had an open top and sides, and a square, vintage-looking design that resembled a military vehicle, although it had what appeared to be a new electric-blue paint job. A pair of roll bars protected the black leather bucket seats in both the front and back.

Celeste sat with her thighs pressed together beneath the steering wheel and knees angled toward the center of the SUV to display an ample amount of bare skin. She arched her back and extended her left arm across her body to grasp the top of the steering wheel. The position blocked her bust from the camera but showcased her slender midsection and smooth decolletage. Her right palm rested on the corresponding thigh.

She wore her platinum locks in long, messy waves that were center-parted. A halo of light frizz around her head suggested humid weather, which was further indicated by a smattering of water droplets on the back of the left side mirror and the dark, cloudy reflection of the sky in the shiny metal.

Celeste geotagged her location on the tropical Caribbean island of St. Barth, which is known for its luxurious accommodations and incredible landscape.

Celeste's Instagram followers loved the post and showered the comments section with words of adoration and affectionate emoji.

"Barbie style," one fan declared, adding two flames and a pink heart to the statement.

"Let's ride," a second person urged.