Busty Model Lyna Perez Exposes Insane Cleavage & Plenty Of Leg While Rocking Tight Corset & Split Thigh Skirt

Busty model Lyna Perez took to Instagram this week and delighted her 6 million followers with two tantalizing snap that showed off her perfect physique.

The photos depicted the 28-year-old bombshell sitting on her couch and holding onto her assets, presumably to stop them from falling out of her sultry outfit.

Perez wore a tiny corset for the occasion that exposed a scandalous amount of cleavage, coupled with a white thigh cut skirt that freed her legs.

The brunette bombshell topped off her sexy get-up with some stylish accessories as well, most notably a sparkly bracelet, ring, necklace and earrings. She also had a tiny purse next to her on the couch, suggesting that she was heading out somewhere.

In the first pic, Perez gazed into the camera with a mysterious look on her face. The subsequent snap was similar, only in this one, the model's face boasted an upbeat smile as she was pictured laughing.

In the accompanying caption, she asked her fans if they preferred her sexy side of her goofy one. This encouraged some debate in the comments section, though most of her followers seemed to like both versions of her persona.

The image also went down a treat with her fans on the image-sharing platform. Over 236,000 hit the like button after it went online. Over 15,000 people - from Perez's adoring fans to noteworthy peers -- also flocked to the comments section to praise the model.

Athlete Jessica Killings made an appearance via her Instagram, informing Perez that her uploads were "hot."

"Don't make us choose," a second Instagrammer pleaded in response to Perez's question.

Tina Louise also logged into her Instagram to weigh in on the debate, telling Perez that "both" of her looks were the best.

Another Instagrammer described the snaps as "so effing cute."

These sentiments echoed the general opinions in the replies. Some of Perez's followers simply conveyed their excitement with love heart and smiley face emoji.

Perez has delighted her admirers with a variety of saucy pics recently, most of which have featured her wearing very little and showing off her body.

As The Inquisitr reported on Wednesday, the brunette beauty took to social media and tantalized her audience with a shot of her flaunting her derriere. She wore a crochet mini-dress for the occasion, but it barely covered her essential parts.

The stunner also shared a steamy video recently, in which she wore a two-piece swimsuit that boasted a tiny black top and thong bottoms.