‘The Masked Singer UK’ Spoilers: Badger’s Latest Clues Gives Away Their Identity

Ne-Yo sings at the funeral service for George Floyd in the chapel at the Fountain of Praise church June 9, 2020 in Houston, Texas. Floyd died May 25 while in Minneapolis police custody, sparking nationwide protests.
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On Saturday, another episode of The Masked Singer aired in the U.K. Along with Sausage, there is another contestant who has the panel — Davina McCall, Rita Ora, Mo Gilligan, and Jonathan Ross — contentiously guessing and that is Badger. However, viewers think they’ve figured out their identity.

For their debut performance, they sang Nina Simone’s iconic “Feeling Good” and instantly proved they are a vocalist. It was clear that Badger was male and someone who probably entertains for a living.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, their first clue package stated they are used to being anonymous, not easily recognized on the street, and see things like a virtual world.

The panelist’s initial guesses were all over the place and assumed it might be David Myers, Andy Serkis, Idris Elba, or Jay Kay from Jamiroquai.

This week, Badger switched it up and performed Aerosmith’s signature song “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing.” Like their first performance, they proved once again that they are a well-trained singer with versatility.

Once again, the panel’s guesses were all over the place, going with Alan Titchmarsh, Brian Cox, Will Young, Ross Kemp, and Christopher Biggins.

For their most recent clue package, per YouTube, Badger explained they used to be shy when they were younger and would write poems about girls that they liked at school. The VT showed them reading a “Poetry In Motion” book and wearing a leather jacket that said “love” on the back. Badger was seen standing by a piece of paper on the wall that showed a periodic table of the elements that featured some parts circled. A close up of a small oil can was displayed and they also are seen with a motorbike throughout the packages.

Even though the panel seems very confused about who Badger is. Social media believes they’ve figured out who they are.

“I really think Badger is Ne-Yo. Sounds JUST like him. Y’all can’t change my mind on this,” one user tweeted.

“So I have listened to A LOT of @NeYoCompound in my lifetime to know for sure that Badger is definitely Ne-Yo! #watchthisspace,” another person shared in a tweet.

“The badger has to be Ne-Yo. That voice is too recognisable,” remarked a third account on Twitter.

“Right I’m not being funny but how are people not getting that the Badger on #TheMaskedSingerUK is Ne-Yo?! I won’t be told otherwise x,” a fourth user tweeted.

Ne-Yo has also written hits for some of music’s biggest names — Beyonce, Rihanna, and Janet Jackson — which relates to him saying that he is used to feeling anonymous.

Born Shaffer Chimere Smith, his stage name was inspired by the “Matrix” character Neo, which links to Badger saying they see things in a “virtual world.”

According to Who Sampled, his 2006 single “Sexy Love” samples the Redeyes song “Poetry In Motion,” which was the title of the book Badger was reading. Also, another reference to the song was “Love” written on the back of his jacket.

The periodic table of elements had Ne circled in the shape of an O in red, which could be a huge giveaway.

In the music video for one of Ne-Yo’s signature hits “Closer,” which can be watched on YouTube, he can be seen with a motorbike in various scenes.

The three-time Grammy Award winner was photographed with his wife, Crystal Renay, in a location that looked like London around the time The Masked Singer was filmed. However, the snapshots have been removed since the show started.