Daisy Keech Strips Down To Just Panties And Suns Herself Alongside Her ‘Plant Babies’

Daisy Keech takes a selfie.
Daisy Keech / Instagram

Fitness model Daisy Keech brought her buns back to Instagram on Sunday afternoon, to the delight of her 5.5 million followers. It had previously been a tame week on her social media page, and fans were eager to catch another glimpse of her famous physique.

Daisy posed in front of a pair of framed glass doors with her bare bust aimed toward the outside, which she appeared to cover partially with one hand. The photographer captured her figure from behind and slightly angled to one side, giving a stunning view of her derriere as well and an ample portion of her left breast.

She stood with her legs together and back arched to emphasize the swell of her tempting backside. Most of her cheeks were left exposed beneath the seams of her high-waisted thong panties, which featured deep, emerald green fabric with lacy detailing on the front.

The view of Daisy’s right arm was obstructed by her body, but the tips of her fingers could be seen placed against her left breast. Her other elbow was lifted high into the air, and she gracefully draped her hand across the top of her head. The shape of her inner arm framed her face, which was tilted up and toward the camera.

Sunshine through the dual windows created bright lines of illumination over her delicate features, the outside edge of her blond hair, and a section of her rear end.

Her platinum tresses were casually styled, and fell partially over one cheekbone, cascading halfway down her back.

Daisy stood next to a tall, rectangular wooden table covered with several different types of plants and a heavy-duty spray bottle about a quarter-full of what appeared to be water. All four of the visible plants were housed in small pots and appeared quite vibrant and healthy.

A short white fence could be seen directly out of the two doors in front of Daisy. Past the fence, the dark branches of a huge tree were covered with a sprinkling of orange and yellow leaves.

Daisy’s Instagram followers loved the post, and flooded the comments section with praise for the sultry model.

“I love you too much baby, thank you for making my days more beautiful,” one fan raved.

“DAISY YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING,” a second person gushed.

“The most gorgeous girl in the world,” a third supporter declared.

“Your neighbors must have worn out grass all around your house,” a fourth fan remarked, teasing about her nearly-naked positioning in the image.