Gabby Epstein Sticks Out Her Tongue While Displaying Lots Of Bare, Curvaceous Bust

Instagram model Gabby Epstein took to her social media page on Wednesday afternoon with a tantalizing update that dropped the jaws of her 2.4 million followers. The Australian-born bombshell flaunted her incredible physique in a stunning blue ensemble that left fans wanting more. Nearly 20,000 of them hit the "like" button in the first hour after the post was uploaded.

Gabby wore a cropped, corset-style bustier embellished with puffy, off-the-shoulder sleeves. The garment was strapless, and the structured demi-cups covered only the bottom halves of her breasts, leaving an ample amount of her bust on full display. It was made from a supple, satiny fabric in a light blue shade that beautifully complemented her fair complexion.

Her panties were a matching hue and had double satin straps that rested across both sides of her hips. The top set was positioned at the most slender portion of her narrow waist and nearly level with her navel, and the lower set wrapped around her hips a few inches below.

Gabby's layered blond tresses were parted in the center, and a portion of the top was pulled back, leaving a few wisps to frame her striking features. The rest of her hair grazed the tops of her shoulders in loose waves.

She accessorized by wearing two thick, linked-chain chokers and a long, delicate chain on which a gold and onyx teardrop-shaped pendant hung to the top of her cleavage.

Gabby posed standing with her hips cocked to one side, with her right arm relaxed and her forearm draped across the side of her hip. Her left arm was extended, and she placed her palm flat on the marble kitchen counter at her side. She appeared to bear most of her body weight on one leg as she slightly bent the other knee.

She gazed directly at the camera with a smoldering expression, and in the second snap, she parted her full lips and coquettishly stuck her tongue out.

Many of Gabby's Instagram followers replied to her inquiry in the caption with myriad responses – ranging from contemporary television and movie characters to classic favorites – and most supporters didn't miss the chance to also compliment the model for her beautiful appearance.

"Tony S[o]prano from S[o]pranos!! And wow you look amazing!!" one fan exclaimed.

"Wonder Woman! But I enjoy following you just as much," a second follower remarked reassuringly.

"Tommy Shelby Peaky Blinders," a third fan declared, adding heart-eyes and flame symbols to emphasize their feelings about the character.

"Beautiful pictures! That color looks great on you Gabby!" a fourth fan praised, one of multiple to mention the vibrant shade of her ensemble.