Casi Davis Puts Buns On Display In White Thong As She Stands In Front Of An Open Refrigerator

Instagram model Casi Davis has once again delighted her 1.3 million followers with her latest post. The update, which went live on Tuesday, January 5, showed the celebrity scouring her refrigerator for something to eat. With her back to the camera, her pert derriere was the obvious focal point as she was only clad in her underwear.

Casi wore a white thong that sat high over her curvaceous hips and firmly put her buns on display as she held up a ready-made meal in her left hand. A faint tan-line was exposed just underneath the straps but most viewers were more interested in Casi's wasp-like waist and enviable rear end.

She paired the thong with a crop top that featured a deeply scooped neckline. As a result of this, not only were her smooth thighs on display but plenty of her back and shoulders as well. The matching shade also contrasted nicely with her golden tan.

Standing with her back to the camera, her pretty face could not be seen except for a little side profile as she looked toward the meal she held. Her golden locks were pulled up into a high ponytail on top of her head and messy curls hung down her back. A section had been left free at the front and framed her face, also trailing over one shoulder.

While the majority of her admirers were focused solely on Casi, others were excited to take a peek inside her fridge. A variety of items were on display for people to check out, including some vegan mayo and fresh produce.

Casi's followers were quick to respond after she posted the image. Within three hours, the photo had already racked up 18,600 likes and more than 100 comments from her adoring fans.

"My new favorite pic of you," one follower wrote in the comments section.

"The most sensual and beautiful," a fan declared.

"Nice fridge," another user joked.

"The goddess's back is beautiful," a fourth person wrote, also adding a row of red hearts after their statement.

In addition, many of her followers decided to use emoji rather than words in order to convey how they felt about the image. The most popular appeared to be the fire, heart-eyes, and variants of the heart emoji. However, considering the content, it should come as no surprise that the peach emoji popped up frequently as well.

Casi often shows off her perky derriere when posting content to her official social media account. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, yesterday she opted to do so while wearing a pale yellow mini dress and blue heels as she walked away from the photographer. This gave fans a bird's eye view of her behind.